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Luxurious And Relaxing Interiors of Boeing 747-8 Dream Private Jet

Ever wished you could travel the world whenever you wanted, or that you didn’t have to share your plane rides with complete strangers? If you have a spare £400 million, the dream could be over and you could be the proud owner of your own Boeing 747-8 private jumbo jet.

One VIP did exactly that, by buying a unfurnished airline from Boeing and customising the interiors to their own personal taste over a reported period of three years. The final output features a large living area with blinds and a TV, a master bedroom, large dining room and an office and conference space. Inside, it feels more like a home from home with stylish and chic interior design, and modern technology.

Let’s take a look around what could be the world’s most exclusive private jet, for an insight into how the other half live, and for our own interior design inspiration:

Luxury living space

luxury space

The lounge area in this plane is beautiful enough to make the grade as a living space on the ground, not just in the air.

Space for entertaining

Space for entertaining

If like to work on the move or take your family wherever you go, with this plane you can relax in the knowledge that there’s space to carry a few more passengers with you.

Penthouse style lounge

wall art

Don’t underestimate the power of beige. Variations of textured beige and clever spotlighting can be reminiscent of a luxury and plush penthouse apartment space. The added picture wall art on the other side of the wall and the ceiling decor pattern make this room feel more homely while in the air.

Relaxing lounge space

luxurious designed room

With plenty of seating, space to move around, a great television system and a lighting system makes the lounge space comfortable and informal.

Modern touches

custom design space

Mix darker features and clean lines with beige plushness for a modern and sleek appearance. Look at these two corner wall shelving area for displaying pictures and decor. The nice picture wall art decor and contemporary room makes one travel in style in this 747-8 dream private jet.

Beautiful master bedroom

bedroom design

Small sized double bedroom with white spaces and plenty of storage cabinets to store away your clothes.  Like the combination of white walls,chocolate color bed and the gold lines on the bedding.

office in plane

The space and style of this bedroom is wonderful. Designers have mixed white, gold, cream and dark wood panelling for a totally luxurious feel.

Voluptuous curves

jet bedroom

Forget about siting on uncomfortable plane chair all night long on a long flight trip, because this Boeing 747-8 private jet brings you a comfortable luxurious bedroom.

amazing decor

Instead of being limited by the curves of the airliner, the designers have used it to this rooms advantage by creating a curved theme throughout the room.

Smaller details count

plane bedroom

Bedroom with Mixture of different variations of beige , silver ,chocolate and brown colors. Plenty of light from the jet windows plus ceiling spotlights.

another bedroom

The designers have made these wonderful bedrooms what they are by the final intricate details. Soft furnishings and lighting contribute to the comfortable and stylishness of the rooms.

Office and boardroom facilities

plane office

A beskope office for a business class traveler, keep on working even in the air in this lovely home office feel space .

meeting room

Can’t make it to the office while you’re travelling? Have the office come to you in your in flight office and boardroom.

Dining and lounge areas included

dining room

Is there anything this Boeing 747-8 Dream Private Jet does not have? , Look at this luxurious dining room space with lovely table arrangement. It makes you just want to eat something in there.

hall way area lounge

This dining room would be enough to make us jealous if it were on the ground. In the air, it’s jaw-dropping. Even the breakout lounge rooms are comfortable, stylish, and elegant.

What are your thoughts on the illustrious Boeing 747-8 private jet? Would you go for similar decor, or do something entirely different?

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