Home 11 Garage Transformation by i29 Interior Architects

Dutch studio i29 Interior Architects is taking contemporary design to a whole new level. “Our aim is to create intelligent designs and striking images. Space is the leitmotiv, the result always clear, with a keen eye for detail”, they state on their Behance profile. It takes one look at their work to understand they are motivated by simplicity and minimalism. “We try to get to the core of things but keep it looking simple”.

I29 Interior Architects’ projects are conceptualized to be as functional and as aesthetically pleasing as possible. They are working with color and light, materiality and perception. From their prodigious projects, we chose to present Home 11. Located in Amsterdam’s de Pijp district, Home 11 is the transformation of a former garage into a spacious, comfortable house. If you want to know more, check out the facts below.

1. Contemporary transformation

Home 11 Garage Transformation

Under the vision of i29 Interior Architects, Home 11 turned from a plain garage into a stunning, modern house. Home 11 is governed by a minimalist style with clean lines, and comes in a palette of neutrals.

2. Light as a main element

Light as a main element

i29 Interior Architects worked with light as a main, dominant element. It shapes the space and enhances the colors. Entrance of light throughout the day is maximized by introducing it through both lateral and zenithal openings.

3. Adding the outside, inside

interior design

I29 recreated the outside experience inside the home, through the medium of light and a “hand knotted carpet with a natural mossy pattern”. According to the architects, this is due to the “excess of natural light in combination with the soft layer of green and beige”.

4. A breath of freshness

breath of freshness

Home 11 is dominated by neutrals and organized by the way they relate to each other. In the sea of neutrals, touches of green come like a breath of fresh air, acting as a focal points. Its hue is complementary to the other colors.

5. Engaging contradiction

green texture carpet

A carpet is added as a contradictory element to the ones surrounding it. Its organic pattern challenges the overall minimalism of the design, while its color acts as a harmonious contrast to the dominant neutrals.

6. Communicating through colors

dining room area

This area shows the dining room with a 6 seater table and dining room storage space in form of shelving and large cabinets.

artwork's colors

The artwork’s colors complement both the neutrals and the green. Their faded nuances communicate with the neutrals, enhancing each other. Red is being used to create a connection with the green used in the carpet and the sofa, as they are complementary colors.

7. Harmonious opposition

i29 Interior Architects

i29 Interior Architects opted for materials with contrasting properties. The sleek black touches are a contradiction to the warm, elegant texture of the wood. They complement each other, in a white dominated setting, that enhances their harmonious opposition.

8. Maximizing storage

Maximizing storage

Home 11 is designed to be as simple and as clutter free as possible. The kitchen has maximized storage space, cleverly hidden from sight. As the architects state, “The custom designed kitchen includes a large wooden sliding door to cover integrated storage areas”.

9. Inviting modern design

modern design

Contemporay kitchen with modern kitchen island and built in cooker and sink.  Kitchen showcase vast amount of storage cabinets and kitchen island can easily be used as bar area as well.

kitchen designs

Basking in natural light, the kitchen is inviting and has an airy, fresh feeling to it. From its choice of materials to its choice of color, its contrasting design is appealing. In a modern, black and white dominated setting, the wood adds character.

10. Home 11 House plan


room design plan

According to the architects, “The interior with a generous 230m2 on one floor level is finished in a simple material palette. The repetition of rectangular rough oak wooden surfaces is in great contrast with the stark white walls, black surfaces and grey cast flooring.”

Home 11, by i29 Interior Architects, astonishes through its contemporary design and its elegance infused by simplicity. What do you think about Home 11’s transformation?

Currently studying architecture, I'm enamored of all visual arts. My path in architecture started with drawing. The childish play soon developed into a passion and then into a choice of profession. Architecture taught me a lot of things that can be applied in interior design. I'll share with you my perception of space along with tips on how to manipulate it to suit your needs. Enjoy!

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