Holman House Design By Durbach Block Architects

Holman House design built on the edge of the 70 meter high cliff which refers to the Picasso’s painting The Bather. It is located in the town of Dover Heights, west of the city of Sydney in Australia. According to the architects, Holman house contains a complex series of fluid living spaces set within a meandering perimeter that arcs, folds and stretches in response to sun, landscape and views.

Living and dining areas cantilever out over the ocean, allowing dramatic views up and down the coast. The lower floor forms a base that is built from rough stone walls like an extension of the cliff below. These walls continue along the cliff edge to form a series of eccentric terraced gardens and a vase-shaped rock pool.

Enjoy the architectural structure, views and location offered by this luxury home below :-

 Holman House Sydney

 Holman House Sydney

Views of the house on the edge of the cliff  inspired by a Picasso painting near Sydney by Durbach Block Jaggers architects.

holman house glass design

Building structure sort of suspended facing the side of the blue waters with skyline views.


Amazing rough Stone walls house exteriors on the lower floor forms a base like an extension of the cliff below with lovely swimming pool.

Dover Heights

Stone walls

holman kitchen

The curved forms of the kitchen and living room, which project over the sea supported by four angled stilts, are derived from the torso of Picasso’s The Bather.

holman house

sitting room

Living and dining areas cantilever out over the ocean, allowing dramatic views up and down the coast.


Balcony with views of the coast with nice sitting area connecting to the interiors of the house.


Contemporary home library with white bookcase ,furniture and wooden floor and a transparent glass wall that allows views of the coast.

holman house bathroom

Holman house spacious bathroom design with contemporary bathroom fixtures and faucets and nice countertops and floor.



holman house design

Holman house design’s exotic appearance on the edge of the cliff with remarkable modern features.

house plan




Holman house, house plan and floor plan ideas giving an idea of how the house was designed.

Thanks to the Durbach Block Jaggers Architects who put all their great efforts planning this Single family house  project located at Dover Heights, Sydney, Australia. The images for Holman House architecture were taken by Photographers: Peter Bennetts, Brett Boardman, Anthony Browell, Chris Cole, John Gollings, Reiner Blunck

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