Exterior seating zone speaks charm

Heather Street Family Residence Vancouver, Canada

One of the finest examples of contemporary décor, the Heather Street Family Residence stands tall at Vancouver with its edgy silhouette. Right from its geometrical roof to the floor to ceiling glass windows to the wooden structures to glass walls- everything about the house exudes the subtle contemporary grace to the T. Are you planning a contemporary décor for your new dream home and looking for inspiration? Well, The Heather Street Family Residence can certainly serve as the role model here with its very urbane portfolio that has been able to manifest the subtle sophisticated essence of the contemporary spirit at its ultimate best.

Individual wide wooden slat stairs

The focal point of the room is surely the individual wide wooden slat stairs that have come up as a fantastic pair for the glass walls. You still have the sleek railing for safe support.

Heather Street living with bright airy aura

This Heather Street living is a charm with its bright airy aura. You will love the big glass window and so the smart contrast created by the wooden ceiling, floor and the pristine wall.


Living room with a fireplace

The big floor to ceiling glass windows overlooking the green surrounds are a sheer beauty and you would surely impressed by the classy wooden flooring and ceiling. The electric fireplace looks edgy.

White kitchen with wooden cabinets and ceiling

This Heather Street family residence kitchen speaks subtle elegance with its quiet yet bright contrast between wooden cabinets, ceiling and the presence of white all around.

Bathroom with classy marble floor

This is the perfect example of a very urbane bathroom that assures the ideal inviting ambience. You will like the clear glass mirrors and so the classy marble floor- not to miss out on the wooden cabinets.


 Geometrical roof looks really smart

The duet between wood and concrete for the home exterior has extended a unique edgy to this residence- The geometrical roof looks really smart.

Home exterior with a contemporary feel

This is one edgy home exterior which gracefully portrays the abstract charm of the contemporary feel. The geometrical roof stands out and so the big glass windows- the pairing of wood & concrete is unique.

Floor to ceiling glass window overlook the outside vista

The sleek wooden pillar right beside the window speaks class and so the pristine staircase. The floor to ceiling glass window overlooking the outside vista is a top favourite of the house.

The wooden fence and door are classy

The white concrete landscape has assured a spacious feel to the area and the slanting route is perfect for the children to take out their bikes towards the road. The wooden fence and door are classy.

Exterior seating zone speaks charm

The broken arch roof stands out and so the wooden pillar made with sleek wooden pieces. The glass doors & windows speak charm and so the exterior seating zone, guarded by the umbrella.

Exterior with the geometric abstract roof

The exterior part of the residence looks beautiful with the geometric abstract roof, the glass windows, the wooden exterior walls and a hint of green here and there.

The slightly arched roof looks cutting edge

The grey concrete and the light brown combo presents subtle class with style and the slightly arched roof looks cutting edge. You can’t help but fall in love with the broad glass windows.

Contemporary kitchen

This kitchen is one of the best of contemporary culinary spaces with its wooden furnishing teamed with a pristine presence everywhere. The pink pendant light adds on needed bling to the ambience.

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