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Getting to Know the World’s Famous Modern Architects

Let’s go to Getting to Know the World’s Famous Modern Architects in which we will open our minds to modern crafts. Buildings and creative structures are made possible by the famous modern architects of our time. Thanks to these imaginative and amazing people, we get to enjoy the beauty of the Walt Disney Concert Hall, Le Grand Louvre in Paris, Crystal Cathedral and the like. Luxurious home designs are also made possible by these talented individuals. To know them further, here are the ten influential architects of all time.

1.   The Burj Al Arab in Dubai by Tom Wright

The Burj Al Arab

You may be familiar with the popular structure in Dubai, the Burk Al Arab. This structure was designed by Tom Wright, shown in the picture below. This structure houses the best amenities in Dubai and the highest tennis court and has its own helicopter landing pad.

2. Le Grand Louvre in Paris by Ieonh Ming Pei

Le Grand Louvre in Paris

If you are fond of visiting Paris, you have seen a structure designed by a Chinese architect named Ieonh Ming Pei or known as I.M Pei, photo shown below. With his love in geometric design and with his Chinese heritage, he was able to design the famous Le Grand Louvre in Paris.

3.  Crystal Cathedral and his Glass House designs by Phillip Johnson

Crystal Cathedral

Glass House

Designing structures made from glass and crystal is what made Phillip Johnson a famous modern architect. A simple man as seen from his picture, he was known for the Crystal Cathedral and his Glass House designs.

4.  Mies Crown Hall by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Mies Crown Hall

A minimalist, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, was a popular not only in designing buildings but also furnitures. The picture below shows Mies with the model his Crown Hall. He is also known for his Barcelona chairs.

5. NEMO Science Center in Amsterdam and the Shard in London by Renzo Piano

NEMO Science Center

The Shard Bridge

An Italian architecture, Renzo Piano – picture shown below, is known of its unique modern architectural designs. His designs stand out due to its unusual shape. One of his creations is the NEMO Science Center in Amsterdam and the Shard in London

6. National Gallery of Canada, Habitat 67 and Khalsa Heritage Memorial by Moshe Safdie

Habitat 67

Khalsa Heritage Memorial

National Gallery of Canada

The National Gallery of Canada, Habitat 67 and Khalsa Heritage Memorial are among the best designs created by Moshe Safdie – picture shown below. He has been awarded internationally and received Gold Medal from Canada’s Royal Architectural Institute.

7. Lou Rovo Center and the City of Wine Complex by Frank Gehry

City of Wine Complex

Lou Rovo Center

Being distinct and innovative is what made Frank Gehry as one of the famous modern architects of all time. His contemporary architecture includes the Lou Rovo Center and the City of Wine Complex in Spain. Below is a picture of Frank Gehry showcasing the Lou Rovo Center.

8.  Fallingwater Residences and the Guggenheim Museum by Frank Lloyd Wright

Fallingwater Residences and the Guggenheim Museum

Being born in the 1800’s, Frank Lloyd Wright has already absorbed the modern concepts in architecture and began focusing on creative and innovative ideas for the modern world. His creations, as shown in the picture, include the Fallingwater Residences and the Guggenheim Museum to name a few.

9. France’s Seguin Island by Jean Nouvel

France’s Seguin Island

Being innovative and using day light in portions of his design is what separates Jean Nouvel from the rest of the architects. Below is the picture of Jean Nouvel and his master plan for France’s Seguin Island.

10.  Pritzker Architecture by Zaha Hadid

Pritzker Architecture

And last but not the least, Zaha Hadid, a famous women architect. She is known to create designs that are eye catching and that will leave a certain feeling of amazement from the viewers. As you observe the pictures below, you will find yourself asking how she creates those amazing designs.

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