10 Free Tiny House Plans

Those who do not have much land enclosed in the area and have to carve out a space for themselves, you can easily do so by making the house in the large garden. Wooden caravan designed as homes, tent shaped house, small box like house or a rectangular shaped house are the designs based on tiny house plans.

You can also give the feel of a mansion of incorporating two houses which are of single structure placed together. You can have small steps that give you the feeling of a cottage. Many windows placed in the house makes it properly ventilated all the year round. Here are some of the designs and ideas behind the small house plan which will help you in carving out a corner for yourself.

1.  Wooden Panelled Small House

Small house with two broad steps

Wooden layer of the panelled small house with two broad steps lead you inside. There are multiple small glass windows and solar panel arranged properly just before the house which nestles in the garden area.

2.  House On Wheels Concept

Wooden house made up in layers

House on wheels concept is the driving force behind the wooden house that is also made up in layers and two narrow doors and many broad windows on the attic floor as well as in the house radiates orange light from inside.

3.  White Colour Mansion Style House

A table with black colour chairs are set outside the house

White colour mansion style house looks resplendent when you climb up the few steps in white colour and wooden door. Outside the house you can see a well acting as a table with black colour chairs.

4.  Cosy House Interior

House interior decorating idea

The inside of the house is so cosy that it almost makes you feel as if you are on a caravan with singular seating arrangement where you can sleep as well, kitchen counter, television set all arranged meticulously.

5.  Two Identical Tent Like House

White house with wooden door

Two identical tent like house in white paint and wooden door nestling amidst the huge trees and garden area gives a mysterious effect.

6.  Single House Design

Single house design in a tent shape with raw wood

Single house design in a tent shape with raw wood and luminous light reflecting from the inside is open and glowing. You can see a ladder to go up from the inside of the house.

7.  Tropical Exterior

Shed like house with fresh hay Shed like house with fresh hay

Shed like house with fresh hay kept on both the temple like tiers of the house gives it a unique twist to the place. Though the exterior of the house looks raw and the interior is the stark opposite with flowers on the arch, sea facing house and modern luxurious furnishings.

8.  Farmhouse Living Room

Living room with with a tent like ceiling

Farmhouse look to the place is provided with a tent like ceiling, wooden benches, a round clock, high rise chairs, flowing bulbs on a round disc like structure hangs from the top.

9.  Sustainable Green Ecological House

Sustainable green ecological house for the inhabitants

A neat furnishing of the house on a barren place looks surreal with glass and blue lights embedded in the house make it a sustainable green ecological house for the inhabitants.

10.  Wooden House Exterior

Green fruit orchard near the wooden house

Green fruit orchard near the wooden house gives it a fresh feel with multiple stairs which are wide enough and small windows for fresh air to enter the house. Green grass surrounds the place of the structure.

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