Mediterranean house style

Elegant Modern Home Designs

Your home reflects who you are and the way you do it up reflects your personality. Are you looking for a home design that is not only contemporary, but also equally elegant, if so, there are quite a number of décor essentials that you need to keep in mind before you make your final pick. Both the home exterior and interior need to feature these contemporary touches, in its elements. Now when people imagine an interior design and the image of rooms at their perfect best, a beautiful home springs up in their mind. However a modern home is not limited only to the most expensive and exclusive home. With the right tips you can convert your home into a masterpiece. For further details on the Elegant Modern Home Designs, you can read on further.

 Modern House with Glass Walls

modern house with glass walls

This home design features a lot of glasswork on its facade, giving it quite the look of a contemporary home. Ample glass windows let in a lot of natural light which is a great feature of this house. Besides glass, the house feature wooden panel work and roof. The house is surrounded by lush green landscape.

 Lake Retreat Modern Wooden Wall House

Modern Wooden Wall House

Sharp shapes and wooden surfaces is the predominant feature of this house. It has a protruding sunroom coming out of the perfect rectangular home. The windows are quite large for effective ventilation. The room sits in a lap of green landscape.

Construction Of Modern House Fireplace

Modern House Fireplace

This structure has been constructed to give support to your entire home as well as works as a chimney for your fireplace. The room is in its making stage and a good utilization of space has been made.

New lake Harriet residence

tow storey house

A mansion at its picturesque best, this beautiful piece of architecture features a two storied building surrounded by lush green gardens. White has been used as a predominant colour, with a touch of brown here and there. Slanting brick tiles has been used for the roof.

  Multi storied house Architecture

 circular pattern house

The structure is great if you are looking at a multi storied house. The ceiling has been done in such a way that it lets in ample sunlight. The railing have been constructed in a circular pattern so that the stairs go up in a spiral way.

Calm Dining area

dining roo design

This modern dining room is all about elegance. It features dark wooden flooring and a wall highlighted in the same hue. The table is square with a dark wooden finish eight elegant chairs around it. Translucent curtains in grey have been used as room divider.

Cedar Lake Modern Mediterranean Style House

Mediterranean house style

White hue and translucent glass has been used in this home exterior. The shapes aren’t very sharp and rounded curves have been used for the corridors and the edges. Proper demarcated lawns surround the home with white path in between. The decor has a Mediterranean look to it.

 Cedar Lake Drawing Room with Fireplace

drawing room

A lot is going on in this decor, in terms of colours and patterns. The rug is quite a significant piece in the room with bold floral patterns on white. One wall features a bright rosemary shade while another features teal blue for a sharp contrast. The fireplace is a perfect add-on and features a rounded white shape.

  Long narrow hallway of Cedar Lake Residence

Long narrow hallway

This long narrow hallway has been kept absolutely simple, with one side of the alley featuring translucent glass work while coat hangers dangling from the wall adjacent to it. Wooden flooring bring the entire look together.

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