Traditional entrance stairway

Dune Road Residence Architecture By Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects

The Dune Road residence is situated between the Quantuck Bay to the North and the Atlantic Ocean to the South. The houses are all about clean geometric lines, views to the ocean. They are generally a low key house that is two storied and faces the ocean. Today when we look at Dune road residence, it is something that is incredibly stunning and beautiful. Transforming and bringing about changes is what the designs are all about.

 Alternate paths of grass and concrete  leads to the stairs of the house

The alternate paths of grass and concrete that leads to the stairs of the house with tall green grasses as boundary look stunning. The solid stairs adds to the solidity of the house structure that has clean and well defined lines.

 The view can be well made out to be one by the beach

The view can be well made out to be one by the beach. A sandy walkway with bushes here and there and a line of bamboos aligned to make the defined path to the house. The house has been well structured with a good balance of rawness that is provided by the sandy path that leads you to the house.

Traditional entrance stairway

The house has greenery not only in the backyard but all around it. The pool has nice green grass surrounding it and concrete steps. The entrance stairway has also been designed in the most traditional manner but it still adds an edgy look.

wooden chair totally complements the kitchen area

The use of wood and its sheets have been done magnificently. The wooden flooring, the wallpaper on the cabinet and side wall all look in perfect harmony and by no chance you will feel like you have gone overboard with the brown wood. The wooden chair totally complements the kitchen area.

Marble wall and table tops  gives a very luxurious look

The use of marble on the walls and for table tops gives a very luxurious look. The choice of wood that blends in with the marble pattern has been made accurately. All the cabinets and drawers have been made well with the same wood. The table and chairs too have a minimalist design that goes well with the room’s clean look.

A glass sliding door is opposite to a black sofa

The room has a glass sliding door opposite to which a black sofa has been placed so that you get to enjoy the outside view. The black table matching to the sofa has steel legs. A red chair and the big painting that takes up a wall space designed abstractly adds to the color the room needs.

Veranda with a chair and small table placed on it

The concept of having glass railings on the veranda that overlooks a beach or an ocean is great. You can place a chair and small table like in this one to sit and enjoy the view and relax yourself. It will let you enjoy what’s going on inside as well as outside the house.

Small bedroom furniture design

The room is a no fuss room with the minimum amount of furniture, just a bed and small tables by it to keep the necessary things. The bed has light fixtures that will serve as night lamps attached to it on both the sides.

The wooden elongation leads to the pool outside

light coloured wooden elongation leads you to the pool outside and has a small glass house.  The outside view is seen from the glasses. The sofa has the same colour as the carpet and an art patterned small table adds some elegance to this place.

White bathroom design

The half glass and half concrete structure for the bathing area looks great. It is all white bathroom.  Sinks have storage and on the opposite,white bathing towels are hanging. White bathtub gives the room with the modern look and you can enjoy the ocean view from the glass while bathing.

Traditional platform design

The wooden platform with glass barriers is the most traditional design but yet does not fail to amaze you. The greenery surrounds the house and the platform overlooks the beach.

Greenery,bushes and trees makes the house look fabulous and fresh

The greenery by the pool and the bushes and trees surrounding the house makes the house look fabulous and fresh. The outside view looks beautiful and the flowers adds colour to the place.

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