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Modern Home Design: Cycle House By Chadbourne + Doss Architects

Cycle House is a modern home for a couple with great inspiration and best example of how one can use refined industrial, natural, and stark pallet of materials in designing house. Cycle house is located in intersection of two major bike routes in the Mount Baker neighborhood of Seattle.

The owners of the house wanted a home that would workshop /maintenance space would would provide storage to their 18 bicycles. A home that would, entertaining and have a strong connection with the exterior.

Chadbourne + Doss Architects constrained the footprint to allow for a vertical home in order to capture the higher panoramic views, with the master bedroom on the top floor. Roof decks, wraparound fenestration, and open space orientation are meant to connect occupants to the site and make the house seem larger than it’s 2,500 square feet.

The pictures below will give you a more detailed view of Cycle house design and the materials used, hope you get inspired.

Wooden house exterior

Modern house designed by Chadbourne + Doss Architects in Seattle for a couple and their 18 bicycles. The house has 3 floors that links the indoors and outdoors with panoramic views of Lake Washington.

Side view of the house

Side of the house showing black fiber cement siding and light wood siding materials . Dark trim around windows, doors, lights.

House exterior

Modern house design exteriors showing vertical and horizontal fiber cement panels painted in brown with cedar siding.

Wooden house structure

Windows used as double sliding doors protected with small railing. Upstairs glass master suite and office with roof deck half covered.

Contemporary house exterior design

The exterior design of the house give a proper view of a hierarchy of natural materials used in building this modern house. The hardy siding, vertical wood siding, modern black windows mixed with wood siding, cost-conscious fiber cement siding painted black, which recedes into the background to let the cedar-sided box become more prominent.

Open plan cycle house kitchen

Open space kitchen, dining and living room area. The red dining table and the black kitchen cabinets, Kitchen Island, kitchen and the black floor make a good color contrast. Including the white color scheme on the walls.

Cycle house interior

Dark staircase going up and the floor have a good color combination with the white house interior walls.

Cycle house interor

The ceiling wood look more like the wooden siding used on the exterior walls of the house. Translucent polycarbonate panels dividing stairwell.

Cycle house garage and shed

Well organised, clean and simple lines, minimalist cycle house back workshop of the garage. It make a good bike storage space and the garage has double doors.

Cycle house bathroom

Lovely large modern bathroom design with tub and shower compatment with modern glass door. The sides of the tub,floor and lower walls seem to have a concrete finish.

Cycle house bedroom

The master bedroom shows rap around windows which give beautiful views towards Lake Washington, Mount Baker and Mount Rainier. The interior walls and windows panels paint in black /bronze seem to have an aluminum feel.

Cycle house deck

Large cantilevered roof plane gives this outdoor balcony space with wooden deck a shelter. Cantilevers roof with deck protect the patio area of the house from sun and rain coming straight to the glass sliding doors/windows.

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