Contemporary South-facing villa on the beachfront of the Golden Mile, Costa del Sol

Modern yet stylish villa with swimming pool and beach is an added incentive. A wide structure with all white colours makes it all the more breathtaking with meadows near the swimming pool. Blue sky hovers from above looking at the structure below.

Today we are showcasing 10 Contemporary South-facing villa on the beachfront of the Golden Mile, Costa Del Sol. We hope you like this amazing list we have for you. Scroll down for further viewing.

1.White Contemporary House With a Swimming Pool Nestled In The Front

Grassy area near the swimming pool and front view of the massive white house is seen. Big glass windows and doors encompass the structure. A small swimming pool is nestled in the front and an elongated wooden bench sits near the pool.

2.Modern Swimming Pool With Beautiful Steps
Beautiful steps swimming pool is showcased with one big and other small square surrounding the place. Four bed like flat sofa is arranged near the pool. Trees surround and separate the beach from the swimming pool. It gives a feeling of cottage house.

3.White Contemporary Kitchen Room With An Island
All white spectacular crystal white kitchen neatly stacked up inside the house is enthralling. Steel gas stove jutted into the white table top is a delight for the eyes. Open glass doors from the kitchen looks heavenly.

4.White Modern Bedroom With A Picture Decor
Small white bed kept in the bedroom with white mattress, white walls and a divan which separates the area of the bedroom. Two side table and a head stand behind the bed is the cynosure of all eyes. Glass door with French cut style forms an array of the bedroom.

5.A White Bathroom With A Bathtub Beside The Window
White-Bathroom-With-A-Bathtub- Beside-The-Window
Bathtub beside the window is something unusual in the bathroom. The structures are white in colour with steel faucets and showers. Window grills are French in style.

6.A Room In White With French Style Windows
The rooms have white flooring, white windows in French style is seen in the empty room. From the windows plants are seen and the rays of the sun cast its reflection on to the white floor forming a mirage of the windows.

7.An Open Interior With Light Reflection
Yet another open space with slightly rugged flooring is seen in the area. One yellow light is placed in the room from which the entire area gets light. Two glass doors are seen and from one of the glass doors wooden stairs are visible.

8.White Hall With Lights And A Prison Door
Pillared structure, empty walls, lights and a wooden table top rests in the empty room. A prison door is seen in the room. The place is very normal and empty probably acting as a hall for parties and get together.

9.White Empty Room With Light Reflection
It looks more like an attic room with low ceiling but the room is empty. The speciality of this room is that deep orange colour light is reflected into the room from two of the walls. The flooring is wooden.

10.Contemporary south facing villa on the beachfront with beautiful vegetation view
There are many empty spaces in the villa which appears as if the villa is not constructed in totality or may be this is the look of the villa to leave many empty spaces, for parties. Whatever the case is there is minimal structures and furniture. The walls are of mono colour, predominantly white for soothing of the eyes. The ceilings are also simple without any artistic pieces.

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