outdoor swimming pool

Contemporary Dallas Dwelling by Cantoni design consultants

This Dazzling Dallas Dwelling with modern luxury interiors design was designed by Cantoni design consultants for an indian couple Dr. Sharad and Rashmi Lakhanpal in Dallas’ Preston Hollow neighborhood.  Josh and Elizabeth, a dynamic duo designers with a reputation for tackling large-scale projects worked from the home’s monochromatic base to go big. The designers paid attention to detail to have each piece in the six bedroom, 11 bath home custom-made. Working with the couple and their builder Simmie Cooper of Cooper Homes, from the ground up, Josh and Elizabeth created a cohesive design plan complete with a bespoke kitchen, custom closets and unique furnishings and accessories that would only be found at the Lakhanpal Estate.

“We approached this project one space at a time and utilized our in-house resource library to ensure we had a plethora of options tailored to the Lakhanpal’s tastes, wants and needs,”  says Lewis of Cantoni .


Dallas Residence exterior house architecture with white painted concrete walls, large glass panelon entrace door area,plenty of windows and well maintained green lawns


The interior designers Josh and Elizabeth hunted for numerous artworks for the home’s expansive gallery walls. Prominent pieces include “Nebula” by John Douglas in the family room.


Modern circular shaped green sofas with pops of prominet pops of yellow decor around the room. The great room’s massive rug was woven in California.


Cantoni’s custom cabinetry, made in Italy, can be found in almost every room. The kitchen, where appliances are seamlessly hidden behind floor to ceiling lacquer cabinetry, is one of Rashmi’s favorite places in the home.

dallas dweilling contemporary dining room

Josh and Elizabeth of Canton Design custom-designed this unique black high-gloss lacquer dining table in Italy specifically for this contemporary home.  Florescence piece of art on the wall by Leila in the dining room. The dining room light fixture that mirrors glittering raindrops with more than 30 glass orbs was designed by Josha nd Elizabeth of Canton Designers.


Custom designed bold red leather theater-room chairs designed by Canton designers and made in Italy  for the Dallas dwelling which the Lakhanpals were the first to receive .


Luxury contemporary bathroom style with custom designed cabinetly and marble stone for the countertops and tub surround and shower area. The gray cabinetry which went through an extensive glossing process to get its bold luster, is carried into the master suite’s bathroom where Elizabeth and Josh used textural wallpapers — suede, silk, shagreen — to soften the space.


Misnimalist style bedroom with amazing unique contemporary bed structure. The bedroom color scheme as you can see is white and the pops of orange and red colors brightens up the room in addition to the natural light which comes through the bedroom’s large windows and sliding glass doors which leads to the garden outside.

 shoes storage space

Dallas dwelling’s well organised shoe and clothes storage space with beautiful rugs in floor.

outdoor swimming pool

Spacious outdoor swimming pool area just outside the house for family and friends. Great place for relaxing in warm weather.

This modern dallas dwelling was designed and made to match the couple Dr. Sharad and Rashmi Lakhanpal’s personalities and their love of entertaining. They chose a flavorful concept of vibrant hues of contemporary Cantoni furnishings and custom cabinetry for their home furniture.

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