front of house elevation

Contemporary Box Home Design-Armada House

With many people wishing to have dream homes of their own , more and more aspirations of creating a unique home that is going to stand out from other designs are growing. People are coming up with much more Sophisticated home design ideas like this home design plan of Armada House by a designer Keith Baker . According to the designer Armada is built with concrete, glass, steel and wood material and has an open house plan concept. It has an open plan kitchen , Living and room making the house interior  space look bigger .  It has exposed glu-lam fir beams and plenty of windows that complements the interior designs of the kitchen,living and dining room.

Get inspired by the home design photos of this Box home design  style of Armada house and the smart clean furniture layouts ,storage spaces and just the spacious home design it is.

Armada House Modern Exterior design

front of house elevation

Armada House Glass Balcony

amanda house

Outdoor dining Set For sitting Area

sides of the house

Gray outdoor seating furniture

outdoor sitting Area

Glass Balcony  with lounge chairs

glass balcony area

Armada House Concrete Finish Patio walls


Contemporary High Ceilings with spotlights

 high ceilings Amanda house

Armada house Living room

 living room

living room design

modern living room

open plan design

kitchen area

black granite kitchen tables and wooden cabinets

Smart Modern Bedroom Idea

Amanda house bedroom

bedroom design

Wooden Storage Areas

bedroom storage

Armada house bathroom

Amanda house bath

Bathroom Sink with Storage Cabinets

Bathroom Sink

Shower Room with Black ceramic Tiles

Shower Room

After going through room by room design of this house, one would say each room has something to love.  Most importantly you can also see the wooden beam building material effect which in the end appears decorative in this Wooden Box House design.

In and outside of the house we see the use of black ,white and gray color schemes especially for furniture and concrete walls and floors in some parts of the house.  It also goes to show that it pays to have great dedicated home designers like Keith Baker who paid total attention in designing this home.

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