House exterior architecture design

Chautauqua Residence House Architecture Design by William Hefner

The Chautaugua residence house architecture designed by William Hefner is set in a picturesque location with swimming pool, a vast area surrounded by courtyard structures of white colour. It is quite wide enclosing the entire space. Wild huge trees also surround the outside area. Soft light is the highlight of the beautifully landscaped residence. Light wooden structure and white paint of the entire house gives a charming look to the residence. Blue colour from the sky makes the tree look beautiful with green and blue hues mixing together with each other. Kinds of stairs are built and there are many entrances by which you can enter the house. Glass doors are in sync with the furniture. There is a small grassy plot near the swimming pool. Here are some of the ideas which will inspire you:-

 House Exterior With Embedded Pool In The Outside Area

House exterior architecture design

Embedded pool in the outside area and surrounded by grassy plot with big trees makes it an apt atmosphere for the built in structures. The entire house can be seen from outside.

The Door Of The House Is Wooden

Plants surround the door

The door of the house is wooden. There are two wooden planks which are opened. It is marked as the main entrance of the house. Plants surround the door.

Modern House Interior Architecture Design

Modern house with wooden staircase

There is a curved shape of sofa in the house which is white in colour and there is also a single sofa which is black in colour. A reading lamp light over shines on the sofa. There is wooden staircase with shelves in them so that things can be kept.

 House Interior With The Kitchen And Dining Area

The kitchen and the dining area are same

The kitchen and the dining area are same. There is a wooden table that acts like a shelf with a curved angle. There are sofas placed in one corner and round dining table with chairs is kept.

The Outside View Is Quite Relaxing With Sofas

The outside view architecture design

The outside view is quite relaxing with sofas. One of the stools like sofa is of tan colour. Sliding stairs from one corner is uber stylish in keeping with the location.

Library Interior With Books On The Shelf

Library of books on the shelf gives it a royal feel

Library of books on the shelf gives it a royal feel with leather sofa on matte finish carpet. There is also a black colour wooden table and chair where you can sit and read.

Simple Bedroom With White Bedding

Simple bedroom design

The bedroom is quite simple with white bed and wooden structure of the bed with one sofa placed near the balcony. There is a wooden table in the side and a lamp is fitted on the wall.

Bathroom With White Mosaic Tiles

Bathroom architecture design

The bathroom is fitted with white mosaic tile of the basin with wooden drawers and white walls. There is a shower area with glass wall. There are two round lamps fitted on either side of the wall.

Bedroom With Wing  Shaped Light

Bedroom with wing shaped light with small bulbs jutting out from all sides in a circle

Another bedroom has wing shaped light with small bulbs jutting out from all sides in a circle. Box like soft cushion feel to the wall behind the bed is the highlight with grey colour.

 Bathroom With A Dilapidated Look

bathroom shows a dilapidated look with raw wooden structures

Another bathroom shows a dilapidated look with raw wooden structures but steel polished tap built on the wash basin.

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