Bright and Modern Villa Design with Panoramic Sea and Countryside Views in Roca Llisa, Spain

This is an extremely stunning five bedroom villa which is located in the very posh and urbanized area of Spain called Roca Llisa. If you get a chance to visit Roca Llisa then you should get hold of this villa because you will be able to enjoy the amazing views of both the beautiful countryside and the sea simultaneously.

Mediterranean flora like cactus, palm trees, bougainvillea, pines etc surrounds this modern villa. Some of the key features of the villa are: swimming pool, various areas to chill-out, numerous terraces, fully furnished living room and kitchen, spacious and comfortable bedrooms etc. Several beaches and a popular golf club are situated quite close to this villa. Scroll down for further viewing.

1.Bright And Villa Modern Design



The outside view of the villa in the evening looks absolutely luxurious because of the elegant furniture arrangement in the patio area, the glass sliding doors and the use of perfect lighting fixtures that accentuates the interior of the villa.

2.White Exterior Modern Villa Design


This is again an outside view of the house which particularly highlights the look of the villa in the bright day light. The white furniture arrangement surely compliments the exterior white colour of this house. Along with that the surrounding greenery enhances the overall appearance of the villa.

3.Bright And Modern Villa Design With Different Areas Of Villa


The collage has pictures of different areas of the villa like the terrace, patio area, sitting area, stairways etc. One look at the collage gives you the feeling that the villa is designed keeping in mind modern day requirements.

4.Bright And Modern Interior Villa Design


One interior portion of the villa has been highlighted in the picture. The flooring is very stylish and the glass showcase and wooden table look absolutely chic. The white ceiling compliments the brown flooring. The huge painting and the book shelf are a good addition to the area.

5.White And Beige Modern Bedroom Villa Design


This bedroom looks very classy because of the perfect colour combination that has been used in the room. The white bed with beige bed cover and pillow covers appears really elegant. The black shelf in the bedroom also perfectly matches the decor of the room.

6.Modern bedroom Villa Design With A Terrace View Of Countryside 


This is the picture of the same bedroom (mentioned above) which has been taken from a different angle. The bedroom is adorned with a comfortable sofa and center table. It even has a terrace from where you can enjoy the mesmerizing view of the countryside.

7.Contemporary Living Room Interior Villa Design


Another interior part of the villa is being showcased in the picture. The rare combination of brown flooring, white ceiling and the grey walls appear really attractive. Plus the glass sliding doors and the huge glass window just add to the beauty of this area.

8.Bright And Modern Bedroom Interior Villa Design With White Curtains


This spacious bedroom is furnished efficiently and decorated in the best possible manner using white curtains, photo frames, lamp shades etc.

9.Modern Exterior villa Design With A Swimming Pool


The swimming pool is huge and you can very well see that the pool area is surrounded by lush greenery which will enhance your swimming experience in the villa.

10.White And Beige Bedroom Villa Design With A Terrace


This is the same bedroom (from another angle) that has been showcased in the earlier pictures. The terrace adjoining the bedroom is decorated with white furniture. The interiors of the bedroom look very pretty.

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