deck covered with black stone

Blackbird House in Aspen Clad By Will Bruder Architects

In this article, we’ll discover an interesting construction, the Blackbird House by Will Bruder Architects. Before we move on to the house, let’s learn more about the architect.

Will Bruder is an american architect, born in 1946, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. According to Wikipedia, he studied art and engineering, but had no formal university training in architecture.Through apprenticeship with Paolo Soleri and Gunnar Birkert, he obtained registration as an architect. For more than 40 years, Will Bruder proposed exciting architectural solutions in response to site context and molded on user needs. He has built a reputation for being one of Arizona’s most prized architects.

Will Bruder leads a studio of architects and designers, Will Bruder Architects LLC. Will Bruder Architects, “strive to create an architecture that goes beyond the predictable to one that offers experiences and sensual delight”.  Have a look at this beautiful

 1. Blackbird House in Aspen Clad 

zinc metal cladding walls

house design

You’ll find Blackbird House in a small cul de sac lot, in downtown Aspen. The house belong to a neighborhood of modest mid-century modern houses.

2. Site context and BlackBird House


industrial and modern design

According to the architects, the Blackbird House’s ” floor plan and section are a creative response to the town’s urban form-based zoning codes.”

3. Geometry of Blackbird House

deck covered with black stone

stair of hot-rolled oiled steel plates and perforated sheet

“The plan geometry is shaped by the arch of the cul de sac’s center point. The height is sensitively responsive to the town of Aspen’s desire to maintain a comfortable small town human scale.”- Will Bruder Architects

4. Interior design 

 Interior design

interior design ideas

The interior design of the house comes as a contradiction to its exterior, through colors and texture. The light/dark dichotomy turns the design into a sequence of spaces that need to be discovered.

5. Color palette 

Color palette

Accents in green

Both the indoor and the outdoor of the house are dominated by neutrals. Accents in green, blue, orange and yellow are added to liven up the decor.

6. Proportion

Blackbird house

Neutrals are used in different proportions across the interior, giving spaces individuality. One area is dominated by white, one by black. This effect makes Blackbird house unpredictable and exciting.

7. Bedroom 

 lighting fixtures

bedroom lounge

The bedroom has a minimalist decor. Everything from the lighting fixtures to the finishes is meant to maximize the comfort of the user.

8. Study 

study opens

According to the architects, the “site offers spectacular 360-degree views”. Every room was conceptualize to maximize the user contact with the site. The study opens up to its surroundings through the medium of oversized windows.

9. Living room 

Living room

The living room looks modest and inviting. A dominant neutrals palette is spruced up with accent colors. The colors of the outdoor flowers are also a part of the overall composition.

10. Atmosphere 


According to the architects, Blackbird House’s “architecture is designed to be a ‘rustically’ refined backdrop for a sophisticated, indoor/outdoor contemporary lifestyle where all of one’s senses are engaged and enhanced throughout the seasons of Aspen.”.

You can learn more by checking out Will Bruder Architects . Responsible for these stunning photographs is Bill Timmerman. To see more of his work, check out his website.

Let us know, what do you think about the Blackbird House by Will Bruder Architects?

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