beet residence

Beet Residence Modern Home by chadbourne + doss architects

Beet residence is a modern home designed by Chadbourne + Doss Architects in Seattle, Washington. Thematerials used to build Beet Residence are corten steel clad walls to bracket two floors with views through the house from front to back.  Shape of wood facade looks similar to red brick Wildgrove which makes this flat roofed modern boxy house design exterior striking. Awesome mixture of wooden exterior walls, large modern glass windows and metal materials too.

Wooden beet residence exterior

Built on existing foundation,design uses corten steel clad walls to bracket two floors with views through the house from front to back.

Living and dining area design

The owners love art, cooking,gardening and rusted steel and wanted the house to celebrate those things.

Open plan kitchen design

The interior walls are meant to provide space for a growing art collection

Beet residence modern home

A tv is hung from an overhead track allowing it to be positioned and rotated for viewing from the kitchen ,dining,or living room.

Small bathroom design

Materials are left natural and meant to be the background to art and life,such as the hand rubbed graphite casework and doors.

Home interior with a staircase

The upper floor has a linear skylight over double height space to illuminate the art wall.

Dark wooden stairs

A custom steel wide flange stringer holds walnut threads,and a perforated steel clad fireplace provides screening from the steel.

Beet residence modern home

The owners comminsioned artist Chris Buening to create a wall mural that will evolve and change over time.

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