Beautiful Trousdale Residence on the hills of the Los Angeles City by William Hefner

 Exotic wild bushy plants, glass with modern styling are the basis of Trousdale residence on the hills of the Los Angeles city. Hefner has crafted the residence on a massive scale which looks stunning. The lighting has been kept minimal going by the look of the place. Black pebbles, rugged stone like wall gives it a structured layout. Green hedge like grass twines fill the place. Modern painting, marbled flooring and stylish lights give a new look to the place. The place looks heavenly with green grass and blue skies. There are lot of wide expanse of space for moving easily. The place is spacious. It has its own charm of the western world which distinguishes it from a multi-storeyed building to a villa. Here are some of the ideas which will inspire you:-

Outside space is quite big with enclosed area

The outside space is quite big with enclosed area, black matte finish tiles, black pebbles and green colour pumpkin styled mesh with spikes on black pebbles. There are twine like green plants with soft stem in the side. Round ceiling lights and wooden false ceiling are the thought behind it. From the outside the inner view is seen from the glass. The wall looks shiny and white.

 The look is clean with white walls

A plot of whisker like plants with green colour and the pumpkin styled plant in the area is surrounded by all of it. There is wooden door and a wall is stoned. The look is clean with white walls. A hanging basket with green twigs falls down as creepers.

Dining zone has black chairs and tables

White marbled floor looks spick and span. A modern painting of politics and a wall separating the dining zone has black chairs and tables. A round disc like light hangs from the top down to the dining zone.

The paintings add beauty to the place

Two paintings of modern art on either side of the white walls add beauty to the place. A glass enclosure with tree and pebbles make it look like a showpiece. There is a wooden door with silver polished handle.

Modern living and dining designing idea

Wooden dining table with black chairs and a plank with high rising red colour chairs with silver rod looks like bar chair but is also meant for snacks. The living area has sofas with a beige colour single sofa and wooden round disc. Beige colour carpet on the wooden flooring gives a superb look.

Blue spanning water body

Blue spanning water body with lush green grass looks radiant and a big cafeteria like zone seen from the outside as dining zone is a bonus which serves as twin principle. A modern painting of white board with red colour looks radiant and adds life to the place. Wooden false ceiling with ceiling light has been placed.

The bronze look has a big wooden tumbler like basin

The zone of bathroom divided into two sections both of which are of two contrasting types- one made of small square boxes of stone and the other of rough white like mosaic walls is the other highlight. The bronze look has a big wooden tumbler like basin with silver taps and shell like light and in the other white round tumbler like wash basin, white flooring looks gorgeous.

Corridor is taken straight from the movie scene

The corridor looks as if it is taken straight from the movie scene. Marbled white flooring with big mirrors on wooden planks and ceiling lights is the same old world charm. A big resting chair is spread of beige colour and multiple pictures of square size is hung on the wall.

Bathroom with white marbled bathtub

The bathroom is extremely big with white marbled bathtub, white wash basins and lower wooden cabinets along with silver polished taps and big wide mirror reflects the green grass like structures on it. A big white colour board with black big rain drops are painted on it. White tube lights on the mirror and a seating chair on the marbled floor is kept.

embedded swimming pool with blue colour

An embedded swimming pool with blue colour just outside the bedroom gives it a holistic look and rather than sea facing bedroom you have swimming pool facing bedroom. Two resting chairs outside and inside bed with brown leather and multiple flags of different colours hang.

Outdoor swimming pool surrounded by green bushes

The whole city comes into view from the swimming pool and green bushes making it a to die for look and open bedroom.

Outside and inside dining decorating idea

Outside there is a dining space and inside too dining space with a lounge opposite the swimming pool shines bright in the night.

Curtains tied in a Persian style are tempting for the eyes

Curtains tied in a Persian style of the lounge area near the swimming pool are tempting for the eyes. Wooden planks on pebbles near the seating area is another highlight.

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