Patio with the stunning surrounding environment

Beautiful Tree Surrounded Valhalla Residence In Sierra Mountains, California

This stunning and understated family home, named the ‘Valhalla Residence’, was designed by RKD Architects and built in the Sierra Mountains near Truckee in California, USA.

Designed to complement the surrounding mountainous environment, the home was designed for a young family looking for serenity, and a private escape high in the mountain region. To promote the beauty of the outdoors, almost every room in this striking home has access to patios, which are on both storeys of the building.

Built mostly from stone, and with exposed timber, the home has a natural feel that is softened by the neutral coloured steel and warm lighting visible both inside and outside of the home. And this is just the outdoor of the home; the inside encapsulates modern, comfortable, and informal family living.

Let’s take an in depth tour of the home and find out what it’s like to live in a hidden family haven amongst the stunning Californian mountain range:

Stairway To Heaven
Simple stairway
The simple stairway to this home looks natural with large doors, wide windows and lots of light, it’s warm and welcoming.

Curved And Straight
Typical contemporary architecture style
The home combines straight lines and a curved roof, a typical contemporary architecture style, but the natural materials soften the shape and give it a natural home in the mountains.

Indoor And Outdoor Living
Home entry
The boundaries between indoor and outdoor living aren’t strict in this home, in order to continue the outdoor atmosphere and natural materials throughout the building.

Open Plan Family Living

Living area with wooden flooring

By applying the same material to each room and throughout the building, the room has an open and informal flow of energy from room to room.

Sun Facing Patio
Patio with the stunning surrounding environment
This sun facing patio built with warm stone gives the family a space to relax outdoors and connect with the stunning surrounding environment.

Tall Rooms
Large room with glass wall
These exceptionally large rooms maximise the light coming into the home, from above the trees and mountains.

Modern Camouflage
Home exterior with natural materials
The colour of the home’s natural materials ensure that it blends into the environment, minimising visual pollution and disruption to habitats.

Industrial Staircase
Slightly industrial style staircase
Turning up the style stakes, this slightly industrial style staircase adds charm and fashion to the home without deterring from the natural theme running through the building.

Open Hallways
Hallway with wooden floor
Vast hallways with no obstruction or distractions place the focus on the people inside the home, and the rooms that are linked with the hallways. Natural wooden beams and wooden floorboards keep the home’s natural aura.
Country Living Room
Minimal styled living room
Although the home has a very minimal style, the living room places a focus on comfort, informality, and warmth to create an inviting space for all family members.

Stunning Stone
Home interior
Up close, the natural materials used as bricks to this home show their different colours and light diffusing properties. The textures are so beautiful, that no additional décor is required.

Striking Sun Room
Sun room with glass walls
A room with a more active feel than the living room, this amalgamation of games room and sun room gives the family a place to escape to enjoy the sun, the environment, and lots of natural light.

Streamlined Fireplace
Bedroom with a fireplace
A smaller fireplace that is second to the vast and traditional hearth in the main living room, this streamlined fireplace gives this master bedroom room a bit of extra warmth when the colder months arrive.

Comfortable and relaxing bedroom
Varied textures, lots of light, a small fireplace, and warmer colours create a comfortable and relaxing bedroom with an atmosphere separate to the rest of the home.

This home shows that extravagant and stunning homes don’t have to be extrovert in design. The features of this home show that architecture can be the best form of interior design, and that the most important part of getting the home you want is with planning and attention to detail.

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