Beautiful Pearl Bay Residence In Yzerfontein In South Africa

Dwelling place in the west coast is remodelled for a new look of the 21st century. Great scenic beauty with view of the ocean has a modern yet minimalist twist. Local character is interwoven in the cottages.

It acts as a resort of the beach side view. Beautiful Pearl Bay Residence in Yzerfontein in South Africa by Gavin Maddock Design Studio pictures below.
From the outside white silvery sands surrounding a single piece of white house structure is distinctly visible with wooden door. Just behind the house is a vast expanse of water body which engulfs the place.
Side view of the cottage gives a beautiful picture of the inside. Garden entrance from one side, leading to the inside of the cottage and further opening into glass windows of door size, down to the water body.
The outside of the house is strewn with green grass and purple tufts of grasses. Clear blue sky matches with the green ground and white colour house in the midst of the garden like place.
Drawing room set against the blue waters with low sofas, sleeping chairs, small dim lights fitted on the ceiling with wooden plank and see through net mesh like structure makes it breath-taking.
Morning sunshine in another part of the drawing room shines on the chestnut brown sofas and pale colored rug. On the adjacent side lies the dining table.
A different angle near the sofa is comfortable chairs, round tool and a round glass table. The side panel has seating arrangement of the wooden plank with windows.
Wooden dining table with white stylish chairs and steel legs on the wooden flooring beside the sofa set and the mantelpiece makes it elegant. There is a modern painting hung on the wall.
The kitchen area is a combination of white big table where the wash basin is installed and you can also have food on the wooden stools which are placed alongside the table.
Open kitchen
Open kitchen with two sets of dining table gives more space and can house number of people. White cupboards and cabinets on the wooden flooring makes it look royal without any embellishment.
A narrow lobby like area near the grassy area with white structure, a long white modern statue is placed. A white desk elongated in length with see through ceiling is the highlight.

water facing doors
Bedroom with water facing doors is something to relish. With a resting sofa and a cocktail table the glass is kept. Grey sheer cloth curtains hang from the rod which can be drawn.

wooden flooring
The side view of the bedroom opens outside into the courtyard. White pebbles are strewn outside in a lower pool like structure without water. In the morning sun’s rays fall in the open wooden flooring and on the bed making it look like a summer resort.

modern painting hangs

A modern painting hangs on the wooden wall behind the bed giving a colourful and playful mood.


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