Beautiful Ocean Deck House By SLR Architects

A Beautiful Ocean Deck House By SLR Architects . A deck home is usually for people who would like to spend some private time and are looking for some privacy. It is a good combination of passion and beauty. A deck house is generally a flat surface that is capable of supporting weight similar to a floor. However it is typically constructed outdoors and is mostly elevated from the ground and also connects to a building. It is generally enclosed with railing for safety. The access to the house may be either through doors or stairway.

Beautifully structured house made based on geometrical structures

A beautifully structured house that has been made based on geometrical structures. The yellow light goes well with the brown outer layering of the house. The lush greenery surrounding the house makes it picture perfect.

 The use of lights has been done beautifully

The idea of panelling woods one over the other to make the exterior of the house looks great. The use of lights has been done beautifully. The pebbles that has been covered on the flooring next to the stairway gives you the feeling of being close to the ocean.

 Pool area and the green grass surrounds the entire house
The house has been built on rectangular structures with a good balance of glass and wooden exteriors. The pool area and the green grass surrounding the entire house add to the beauty. Chairs have also been kept beside the pool for relaxing.

Deck house with  the natural scenic view

The beauty of the house is the natural scenic view it gives you. The enveloping green trees and bushes along with water is what make it a deck house. The simple white color of the house further enhances the beauty.

Wooden elongation leads you to a beautiful view of the ocean

The wooden elongation that leads you to a beautiful view of the ocean is to die for. Comfy couches simple structured table and benches will let you host a perfect party by the ocean.

White coaches are placed on the most top level to enjoy the view

The stairway on each level outside the house connecting them is worth noticing. The skyline seems to be so close to you once you reach the top most level where white couches have been placed so that you can enjoy the view.

The colour theme works well with an overlooking ocean view

The simple color theme in white and beige looks great and works well with an overlooking ocean view. The overhead bulbs that have been hung in lines will surely set the right party mood at night.

Hanging bed with a glass barrier provides you a clear view from outside

A hanging bed with a glass barrier that provides you a clear view of all that is outside is surely interesting. The simple wood that has been panelled for the flooring as well as the ceiling with just the right amount of light fixtures looks fabulous. The other end of the room has tables and benches and sofas to accommodate more number of people in case you wish to invite over some of your friends.

House exterior with a stairway made leading you to the ocean

The whole idea of a ocean deck home is to have the place for yourself. This beautifully structured rectangular house that has been surrounded by greenery and has a stairway made that leads you to the ocean. The house is a great combination of warmth and cold.

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