Barn Renovations Into Homes

The process of transformation is the most astonishing thing about architecture, and it starts with a concept. An idea evolves into a sketch, a plan, a building. It commences with the bare terrain and matures into a house. It starts with a barn, a ruin, and transforms into a home. It’s fascinating to see what can be achieved out of nothingness and how an idea grows. Architecture is a form of art, and its dedicated to the individual, its desires and needs. Philip Johnson said, “All architecture is shelter, all great architecture is the design of space that contains, cuddles, exalts or stimulates the persons in that space”. We’ve all encountered that architecture the quote talks about. The building that resonates with you, the home you’ve got attached to, the space that understood you. We chose to talk about the transformation of barns. A barn can carry sentimental value and character. It can be that place that “cuddles” you. A barn can be transformed into a modern, contemporary piece of architecture for one to indulge in. Check out our selection of barn renovations ideas below and be inspired.

1. Contemporary Barn Home- SHED Architecture

 Transform an old barn into a beautiful, contemporary home SHED Architecture chose to keep the old and infuse it with new, managing to transform an old barn into a beautiful, contemporary home. According to the architects, “design interventions include the addition of skylights, dormers and bay windows that developed the relationship of interior spaces to the pastoral landscape”.

2. Princeton Barn Conversion- Rasmussen Su Architects

Neglected Princeton barn was renovated and turned into a home A neglected Princeton barn was renovated and turned into a home. Its seems to have kept its old appearance and charm. “New design elements such as walkways, and railings were articulated in steel to contrast the original timbers.”- Rasmussen Su Architects.

3. Swan Fish Camp- Swan Architecture

White dominated room Inside this renovated barn, a white dominated room provides an intimate setting for a striking interaction between black and blue. Outside, “the color palette reflects tones of the lake, sky, surrounding birch trees and dramatic snow drifts in winter.”- Swan Architects.

4. Hupomone Ranch- Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects

Hupomone Ranch was transformed into a contemporary, self-efficient home Hupomone Ranch was transformed into a contemporary, self-efficient home. According to the architects, “the simple grounded form of the barn is sited to compliment this setting and capture the long views to the coastal range beyond”. The living room takes full advantage of the landscape, opening towards south in order to capture as much natural light as possible.

5. Barn Transformation Into Home

Living room with a glass staircase Two different styles are brought together in this amazing transformation. The lightness of the glass staircase is contrasted by the element of wood, that gives rhythm and flow to the entire space. White acts as a mediator between the two materials, complementing and harmonizing the contradictory elements.

6. Bank Barn Renovation- Wynnewood, Pennsylvania

Beautiful barn renovation A collaboration between Christopher Jefferey Architects and Michael Ryan architects resulted in a beautiful renovation of a barn, built in 1862. The barn’s existing timber frame was preserved and left exposed, giving the new home a beautiful, rustic look.

7. Bank Barn Renovation- Christopher Jeffrey Architects

Barn's kitchen According to the architect, “The interior of the house plays like a big tree house. Lighted from above, all the rooms of the house are placed in this space using walls and volumes to partition public from private spaces”. The barn’s kitchen is an enticing exploration of materials, contrast and light.

8. Gladwyne Barn- Archer + Buchanan Architects, Michael Shannon Designs

Interior renovation A 19th century barn turned into an inviting home, under the creative vision of Archer and Buchanan Architects and Michael Shannon Designs. “The goal of the interior renovation was preserving the architectural integrity of the space, while maintaining function and sophistication.”-Michael Shannon Designs.

9. Barn Renovation- Llama Property Developments, Janey Butler Interiors

Barn interior flooded with light Flooded with natural light coming from both zenithal and lateral openings, this renovated barn does not hint its original purpose at all. The wooden logs, the beam and the carpet are the rustic reminders of what this contemporary beauty used to be.

10. Fourth Hole Farm- Archer & Buchanan Architecture

Fourth Hole Farm looks nothing like a contemporary home Fourth Hole Farm looks nothing like a contemporary home.  But, according to the architects, “Mechanical and audio-visual components were hidden within the timbers to make this a completely high-tech entertainment space, but very much in keeping with the integrity of the original barn”. In each and every presented transformation, efforts were put into preserving some of the original features. The architects wanted to upgrade the look, but keep the feel, the character and the charm. You can find out more about these amazing transformation by going directly to the source. What do you think about these tranformations? Dare to share your opinion.

Currently studying architecture, I'm enamored of all visual arts. My path in architecture started with drawing. The childish play soon developed into a passion and then into a choice of profession. Architecture taught me a lot of things that can be applied in interior design. I'll share with you my perception of space along with tips on how to manipulate it to suit your needs. Enjoy!


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