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Astounding designer houses

Astounding designer houses used mostly nowadays. Designer houses are those that have been specifically designed by top of the line designers. This can be seen as dream houses coming true to life. A lot of us cannot afford to hire designers to design our houses and rooms and the most that we can do is to browse through the design magazines and surf the net looking for the perfect design that we can use in our own spaces. This is actually a great practice for as you look, you learn and what you learn, you apply. Not only will this give you more satisfaction in the designs that you have done, you also get to save a bundle while doing it.

Here are some designer houses pictures that would most likely astound you.

1. Dream Home Giveaway

Dream Home Giveaway

The red bricks used as the house’s foundation looks wonderful matched to the white ornate designed columns above it. The elevated house with wide porch areas is a dream family house that would be a fantastic place to have.

2. Artistic Exterior Ladder

Artistic Exterior Ladder

The wonderful woods just below this fantastic elevated house would be realization of one’s dream house. The huge porch areas that could have space for even a big party or simply just a place to hang out are fabulous.

3. Glass and wood home

Lake Tahoe Front Door

This beautiful glass and wood home is a fantastic design for people who love sprawling spaces. The blue colored tiles used on the garden floor made the garden look neat and compact and the large glass windows and heavy wood door made this an amazing house.

4. Lawn House Pool

Lawn House Pool

The huge pool placed in the lawn of this house is an awesome design for a house that dreams are made of. The big porch of the house facing the pool is a great place to hang out or simply to laze around and daydream.

5. Sparkle Creative Exterior Design

Sparkle Creative Exterior Design

This is a virtual house design that looks neat and compact. The porch areas on the second storey of the house and the open garage look great. This is a modern design that would be practical and trendy as emphasis right now is for smaller homes and spaces.

6. Two storey house

Front Yard Style

This two storey house has a nice design for the garden and entryway that would be attractive to visitors and friends alike. The wide stairs leading to a big porch looks warm and inviting. The porch would be perfect for entertaining or just hanging out with members of the family.

7. Ambler House

Ambler House

This house situated in a large tract of land teeming with trees and plants gives a refreshing image. All that green color surrounding your house would be a fantastic view.

8. Tended Garden Concept

Tended Garden Concept

This may be a small house but the well tended garden and the design of the house makes it look neat and compact. The white colored porch area is a plus for this house.

9. Car Barn Garage Exterior

Car Barn Garage Exterior

This is a design for a country home that has all the rustic charm in it. The big garage is a nice design and using wood for exterior is lovely.

10. Focal Point Garden

Focal Point Garden

The wonderful garden is the focal point of this design. The house is simply designed and the porch area looks inviting.

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