Small Structures with pitched roof

Adding On To House Home Design Ideas

Adding on to an existing house is done when we need to add rooms. It is a major undertaking that requires careful planning because adding on may jar the whole look. We need to make it look unified; blending seamlessly that the addition could not even be noticed. Adding on takes many forms; it can be a second story, an extension in front or back of the house or it can even be a separate building. The things to be considered when an adding on is to be done would be the design and the lot area. Here are some marvelous adding on to house ideas that may inspire you.

1. Additional Room

shingled house

This house did an adding on by connecting it to the yard at the back. The additional room was built with more doors leading to the yard and blended right in with the existing house.

2. Wooden Structure

wooden house extension

The best adding on would be to the back of the house. In this case a different design was done. The homeowners opted out to add a wooden structure instead of having it in bricks like the old house. It cut costs and the addition could hardly be noticed.

3.    Small Structures

Small Structures with pitched roof

image source: pushhconstruction

It would be well to add in small structures rather than a bigger one to the old house. As shown, the addition was a gabled roof over the main door and a small screened terrace that blended seamlessly to the existing structure.

4.  Creating A Conservatory


image source: roundhousedesign

The adding on that was done to this lovely house was creating a conservatory. It is a great adding on as it let in natural lighting that brightens the house in all seasons.

5. Different Material Adding On

Material Adding On

image source: markbrandarchitecture

The adding on was done in the backyard. It diverted from the old structure since it used a different material but it contrasted very well and gave a statement to the house.

6. Small House Structure Add On

adding on to house

image source: txconstruct

This small house had its adding on done in front. The addition was a modern design that diverted from the period design of the old structure. This was a bold move on the part of the homeowners.

7.    Pavilion Add On

Pavilion Add On

Creating a different building from the existing house would be a great idea as long as lot area could allow it. As shown, the pavilion that was added looks fantastic as it is now a different house that still blended with the old one.

8. Sprawling House Design

Sprawling House

Large properties are great for doing adding on. This lot was large enough to accommodate another structure that made it a sprawling design.

9. second story structure

 second storyhouse extension

image source: lawrencearchitecture

Small properties cannot expand horizontally but they could do it vertically. This small house became bigger because of the second story structure that done on it.

10. House Extension On Lower Floor

adding on to house

image source: stephen-fletcher

The existing house received a boost in aesthetics when it added a second story to it. The second floor looks fantastic and even corrected some design deficiencies that was in the old structure.

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