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10 Stunning Modern House Model Designs

With today’s hectic lives, all that you need is a beautiful cozy home to come back to at the end of the day. And what better than a beautiful modern house with all the amenities to relax and rewind. Not only in terms of comfort and luxury, it also gives you an upper hand when it comes to investment.

There are certain distinctions in Modern House Designs that you’ll notice in this collection. From the lightings used, to the landscapes and even the peculiar shapes of the house exterior. The architecture of today has really evolved where there are already too many options to choose from to make that house look modern may it be made from wood or other architectural materials. Take a look and be amazed…

1. Modern House Design Moscow

modern house design

A Russian Construction company designed this remarkable modern house style with full of modern characters.

modern house design

If you wish to stay close to nature, this is the house for you – modern and exotic with a beautiful view of the lake and plenty of greenery around.

2 .Modern House Model Design in Faisalabad

modern house model

The photo of this modern house exteriors in Faisalabad.

modern house model 2

Designer: Design Works  Source

Another side Angle of this modern house model design.

The beauty of this house is its modern design – sleek yet convenient. The wood panels are add to the style and the sitting arrangement is done to utilize the space well and are very elegant.

3 . Modern Multi-purpose California Beach House

modern california beach house
This house is designed keeping in mind your need for fresh air even within the city limits. The balconies are huge and the glass panels add to the style quotient. The concealed lightings are also in line with the modern day design pattern. The house is very spacious and well lit.

4. Best Small Modern house design Model

best small modern house design
Beauty, elegance, convenience- all punched into one – the designing of this house is breathtaking. The small balcony faces the front open area giving you an amazing view. One side of the wall is made of glass giving this house a very special look and feel. The light fittings also add to the beauty of its design.

5. Splashy modern house design California

Splashy modern house design California
The specialty of this house is the swimming pool and the balcony that opens right in front of the pool. There a small open area right next to the pool to make you feel close to nature. The glass walls give you a pleasant feel. The interiors are built to keep up with the modern pattern.

6. Modern Home Designs

modern home designs
A typical urban house – yet with a very modern and sleek design. The parking space is right at the front making it very convenient. The spacious balcony overlooking the lawn adds to the charm of the design. The house has solid walls, but is well lit and airy.

7. Modern Home Design Exteriors

This is a typical English patter with a modern touch to the design. The front porch gives it a very stylish look. The alternate glass and wooden panels look beautiful against the white walls. The front lawn can also be used as per your needs.

8. Modern House Design

This house shows beautiful usage of space. The big balconies open right across the pool to give you a brilliant view at all times of the day. There is also plenty of open space around the pool to give you a feel of a natural lake. The pebbles and the plants make it look all the more stylish.

9.  Modern house plan design

modern house plan design

Image source: quakerrose
If privacy is what you are looking for, this is the house you should opt for. The stone and wooden boundaries not only maintain privacy, but also add a very modern look to the entire set up. The open areas can be used to keep plants. The beautiful light fittings are just perfect for this house.

10.  Modern house plan

modern houses house plan
This house almost looks picture perfect. Set in white color all over, the brick wall finish makes a perfect contrast. The garage is secure and placed conveniently. Also, the glass borders compliment the look. The hedges all along the boundary give a beautiful natural look.

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