10 Best Modern Homes Designs And Interiors

Do you have an eye for modern homes? If you do, you would love this list we have today.  Most modern homes have geometric touches in it. We speak of geometric volumes, shapes and lines but some homes stand out because of their outstanding designs. We have chosen some  modern homes designs and interiors,  we are certain that you will love this list!

In today’s society having a well designed house and one that you can flaunt has become the new trend. Here are some ideas that will help you get that will help you design a house that you have always imagined.


1.   Modern House And Pool


The attractive thing is the glass end to the pool

It is modern design for a house and pool. The attractive thing is the glass end to the pool and the sleek lighting on the wall beside it. The wooden extension of the house will give you enough space to relax by the pool and feel like you are on a vacation.


2.   Walk In Closet

Concept of walk in closet

This is a concept of walk in closet. The sneakers that hang on the pole on two sides look very fascinating and well display the shoes without occupying much space. The glass planked shelves with wooden frames on both sides also help you store a number of things.


3.   Contemporary Kitchen

Kitchen with faint blue painted walls

The kitchen has a contemporary look to it. The wall has been painted in a very faint blue color and the accessories are all in white. The under counter table storage is a good way to keep things. The table is clean with the least clutter. It has just a flower vase with fresh flowers.


4.   Living Room And Dining Zone


Dining table or the coffee table has clean black frames

The dining table or the coffee table has clean black frames and is designed in crisp lines. The single flower vases on the low table and the orange pillows grab your attention. There are sheer curtains and drapes that have been used which look very intimate.

5.   Bathroom With Granite Flooring


Modern bathroom

The bathroom has granite flooring and has also been used on a wall with a wall insert. The wall insert can be used to keep fresh flowers or body wash and other things that you might like. It has a huge mirror on one wall and a smaller one on the facing wall. There is also a television set in the top left hand corner which will help you entertain and relax at the same time.


6.   Beautiful Powder Room

Stunning  tile on the wall against the mirror

The tile on the wall against the mirror looks really stunning. The sink if you notice is pedestals sink and looks like a huge bucket. The lights have been placed on the two sides that add to the beauty and provide the right amount of light in the room.

7.   Elegant Living Room

Wooden wall matches the wall color on the side

The wooden wall matches the wall color on the side. The carpet or rug used on the floor also complements the chairs and sofas that have a very laid back look. The painting on the wall adds the much needed dash of color in the room.

8.   House Exterior

Garage with light on the sides

The irregular frame and minimal design with clean lines is what makes this house look modern and fresh. The use of light on the sides of the garage wall frame that fall on the frame above looks beautiful.

9.   Plain White Painted House

The has been highlighted with black railings

The house is painted in plain white color and has been highlighted with black railings. The trees have a good height and work well to provide you with the much needed privacy.

10.   Amazing Living Room


Living room with a white sofa

The floor rug that almost camouflages with the flooring is what we are crushing on. The grey colored rustic looking table matches the decor and vibe of the room. The white sofa with a furry pillow in brown adds to the charm.

I am a professional interior designer who loves to craft his professional experience in blogs.

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