Children's bedroom with cute single beds
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10 Teenage Bedrooms For Girls Ideas

For teenage girls, a bedroom is an escape from home and school life. More than just a space to sleep, it needs to be a place they can relax with friends, study, and will probably require a lot of storage…for clothing especially! Get it right by giving them a bedroom that meets their requirements, and don’t take it too personally when they spend too much time in there! Classic, elegant bedrooms that give a grown up feel with accents of femininity and modern style is simple to achieve, and perfect for any young girl making the transition into adulthood.

If you and your teenage daughter are looking for interior design inspiration, go no further than these images below of wholesome and trendy teenage bedrooms that are perfect escapes for young teenage girls:

1. All White Everything

White bedroom

A mostly white bedroom can be a blank canvas for creative design. Make colours stand out and give a mature twist to your colour palette.

2. Her Favourite Colour

Teenage girl bedroom

Meet her halfway by finding the middle ground and letting her favourite colour become the room’s main theme, but in a stylish way that fits with your home.

3. Don’t Underestimate Storage

Bedroom with storage

Teenagers want space but they also need storage. Add storage wherever you can, from underneath beds, to bedside tables bookshelves.

4. Mix And Match Colours

Children's bedroom with a complex colour palette

We’re so easily tempted to create a children’s bedroom with one bold colour and create an entire theme from it. Upgrade your children’s bedroom with a complex colour palette, using white as a neutral backdrop for interesting mixes.

5. Deluxe Bedding

Bedroom with a comfortable bed

The older we get, the more we appreciate a good nights sleep. Reward your teenager with a comfortable bed after school and long sports sessions. Just make sure they make it afterwards!

6. Personality Rules

Bedroom with a white chest drawer

What is a bedroom if it isn’t our own? Make sure you give your teenager some design scope and let them add their own personal charms to their room.

7. Let There Be Light

Bedroom with light colours

Give your teenager lots of light and space. Larger windows and light colours will save your electricity bills!

8. Multifunctional Bed

Teenage girl bedroom

Add more space to the bedroom by turning your bed into a desk and storage area.

9. Regally Stylish Bedroom

Bedroom with classic furniture

Regal and elegant style decor is fashionable right now so if your teenager is style conscious, you might want to consider something that has a funky twist on classic furniture.

10. Multiple Beds

Children's bedroom with cute single beds

If you have teenagers of a similar age or a daughter who enjoys hosting sleepovers, take inspiration from these cute single beds. The handmade initials above the beds are adorable!

How will you reach a compromise with your children to create the perfect teenagers bedroom?

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