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Teenage Bedroom Ideas is a way of expressing the personalities of the teens when it comes to their Bedroom Designs. In designing the bedrooms of teenagers, always consider what they want, how they want it done and how they are as a person. Bedrooms define a person, so it is important that what your room is, it defines you. Some teenagers might want bright colors, some prefer vivid colors and some would want dark color scheme in their rooms. This would depend on their personality, so if you are a teenager and you would want to design your own room, this would be the time to know yourself.

Here are some examples that might help you choose your bedroom design


1. Nesting Striped Teen Bedroom

This bedroom is inspired by a bohemian concept. This bedroom defines self-expression. This would be a perfect opportunity to express you.

This kind of bedroom is making statements with paint. This is a cheap way to have a stylish room and you can also do it yourself if you wanted too. In this way, you can also express yourself.

Nesting Striped Teen Bedroom

2. Original Brian Patrick Flynn Bedroom

Original Brian Patrick Flynn Bedroom

This bedroom is a perfect design if you want a peaceful room to study. Every teenager needs a space to study. This bedroom also gives you a space to display some of your friends’ photographs. This also gives you a space to put your books or display them.

3. Modernized Style Bedroom

Modernize Style Bedroom

This modernize room is perfect for someone who is a fan of urban design. This gives you a space to display your gadgets and that is what is trending nowadays. Every teen maybe love gadgets. You can also hang your personalized artworks if you wanted to. The floor is made of recycled black leather. You can turn this basement into a cool bedroom.


4. Organized Wide Space Bedroom

Organized Wide Space Bedroom

In this bedroom, there is a huge drawer where you can put your sports trophies, medals and books. The walls compliment the bed in this bedroom. The skateboard shelf and the artwork bring a playful approach in the room.


5. Sport Design Teen Bedroom

Sport Design Teen Bedroom

Here are some more bedroom designs that you might want to look at.


6. White Cabinet Teen Bedroom

white cabinet kids room


7. Bright and Contemporary Colored Bedroom with Bathtub

Bright and Contemporary Colored Bedroom with Bathtub

This bedroom gives bright and contemporary feels to whoever sees it. The colors match everything, they collide to each other. This will be adored by every teenager.


8. Traditional Style Bedroom

Traditional Style Bedroom

This bedroom has a traditional style of a teenage boy’s room. The wall is decorated with sports inspired theme. Everything about this room is all about sports.


9. Baseball Inspired Bedroom with Computer Table

Baseball Inspired Bedroom with Computer Table


10. Perfect Surfing Design Bedroom

Perfect Surfing Design Bedroom

If you love to surf or if you are a fan of surfing, this is the perfect bedroom design for you. The accessories compliments with the bed in surfing details. Together with a wallpaper of a surfer, this is a perfect way to inspire you.

There are a lot of inspirations out there that could help you with the design that you wanted for your bedroom. It is not always about who has the nicest bedroom, it is about how your bedroom defines you. In the end, your bedroom will always compliment you because why would you get a bedroom that does not suit your personality, wants and needs. Good luck in finding the perfect design that you want for your room, always think of comfort first before everything else.




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