Teenage boy's bedroom
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Grand Designs For Teenage Boys Bedroom

Teenagers are the focus of designers when it comes to designs of the room as they have their own style and strong opinion of what they want. Parents sometimes make the mistake of planning a teen’s bedroom only to find out that the teen finds it lousy. It would be best then to give these teens space for choosing designs for their room. Teenage boys especially want cool bedrooms to show off to their friends. Here are some designs for the teen boy’s bedroom that may make it grand.

1. Fantastic Storage Design

Two wooden crates mounted on the wall

These two wooden crates mounted on the wall made a fantastic design and storage space as well. The wood can fit in to any room interior design and this would even give the room a personality.

2. Beautiful Skateboard Room Decor

Teenage boy's bedroom

A skateboard enthusiast will most likely appreciate this bedroom design. The dark brown walls behind the bed contrasted nicely with the light brown walls at the side and beige floors. The big skating action art on the wall is a great accent.

3. Bedroom With Grey And White Wall

Bedroom with tennis player design on the wall

The grey and white bedroom walls make a great background to the tennis player design on the wall. The wood headboard that extends to a cabinet and a long study table are fantastic designs. The gray colored bedcover and yellow pillows are nice accents.

4. Black Guitar Mural On The Grey Walls

Teenage boy's bedroom

The black guitar mural on the gray walls of this bedroom looks wonderful. The red, black and gray colored pillows matched perfectly with the theme colors of the bedroom and made it look cool and exciting.

5. Sports Teenage Boy Bedroom

Bedrooom with a dark wood cabinet

The dark wood cabinets flanking the bed are a great idea not only for its looks but for the storage space that it gives. The wood art work at the back of the bed is a lovely idea as the bed’s headboard.

6. Dark brown wood cabinet

The big dark brown wood cabinet not only gives storage space it also looks fantastic. The shelf in the middle of the cabinet could be used as a table as well and blue quilt patchwork bedcover is a perfect match to the large blue area rug on the floor. The big baseball player picture on the wall is a nice accent.

7. Light Blue And White Bedroom

Bedroom with lots of cabinets

This light blue and white bedroom with lots of cabinets is beautifully designed. The wood cabinets that look like an extension of the bed are a lovely spot of storing books. The blue furry area rug matched perfectly with the blue bedcovers and made this room awesome.

8. Colorful Bedroom

Bright and cheerful bedroom

This is a very colorful room that looks bright and cheerful. The footballs on the side are a nice accent.

9. Football Soccer Themed Kids Room

Kids room with a bean chair

The football design of the bean chair is a beautiful design. The cabinets in this room and the study table are grand designs that make it interesting.

10. Military Themed Bedroom

Green walls heightened the theme of military in this bedroom

The green walls heightened the theme of military in this bedroom. Camouflage bedcovers and helmets complete the picture. The bamboo design of the cabinet is a lovely idea and the use of a white chandelier over the bed is an off design that made the look fantastic.

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