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10 Cool Beds For Teenagers

We might want to naturally smother our teenagers and aim to spend as much time as possible with them, but as they grow into adults they become more deserving of their own space and a space they can personally thrive in. Treat your teenager and show them that they’re valued by listening to their needs and giving them the perfect bedroom to escape to.

Style is important to teenagers, probably more than it ever will be to them, but so is function. A teenager’s bedroom is an individual living space for sleeping, dressing, relaxing, socialising and studying. So it has a lot more functions than your average adult or children’s bedroom.

A bed is the piece that makes a room into a bedroom. Make sure your teenager has a comfortable place to sleep that they perceive as cool, stylish, and you’re happy with. You might need to meet them halfway, but making the right choice of bed will probably be the largest battle you have to fight. Be inspired by these cool beds for teenagers:

1. Ample Storage

Low and comfortable bed
Teenagers can be extreme hoarders. Make up, clothes, games, and homework – it all takes up valuable space. Create a neat bedroom environment by including lots of built in storage.

2. All White Background

White background creates a blank canvas for you
An all white background creates a blank canvas for you so your teenager can add their own colours and personality without going overboard. White looks clean, chic, and timeless.

3. High Cabin Bed

Cabin beds are a heaven-sent solution for space saving
Cabin beds are a heaven-sent solution for space saving and gaining storage. Raise your bed up high to give your teenager more room for storage and studying.

4. Built In Bed

Whte bed design
By building your bed permanently into your storage, you will create a professional, grown up, and stylish bedroom for your teenager.

5. Feminine Details

Bed surrounded with feminine details
Surround your bed with feminine details such as draped chiffon, lace curtains, and pastel ornamental details.

6. Traditional Cool Bed

Dark wooden bed
For a timeless masculine look, go for a dark wooden bed with red and blue soft furnishings.

7. Under Bed Storage

Bed with clever wicker baskets underneath
We’ve already discussed how important storage is to teenagers, so add it in any place you can. These clever wicker baskets under the bed act as a hidden secret storage place.

8. Masculine Cabin Bed

Dark wood cabin bed
A cabin bed built from dark wood with clean lines gives a teenage boy more space for relaxing and storing sports goods.

9. Adding Texture

Bed with types of wooden panels
Add texture and a bit more depth to a teenage bedroom by adding different colours and types of wooden panels to the bed, mixing with cotton bedding and suede seating.

10. Low And Comfortable Bed

Bedroom with a super low mattress
For the ultimate chilled-out bedroom, create a super low mattress with plush bedding and cushions.
Any of these examples would be a fantastic happy medium between you and your teenager. Have any of these designs inspired you?

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