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10 Teenage girl bedroom wall designs

Designing a teenager’s bedroom may look simple but actually involves lots creativity and art to bring it to life. The best way of coming up with the prefect teenage room design is to work together with your teenager to find out what they like. You would know their favourite colors and the kind of artistic things they like most, Use these to come up with an excellent teenage room design.

In this post we focus on the teenage girl bedroom wall designs as they tend to be more involving in decorating than the teenage boys’.  On the teenage bedroom wall colour designs below you will see how color plays an important role in decorating a girls bedroom.  Wall paint colors , wallpapers, pictures and mirrors have been used in designing the perfect walls for the teenage girls bedrooms. have a look and see if you will pick up an idea for your teenage girl’s bedroom wall design.

1.  Alhambra Wallpaper by Dedar in Teenage Girl bedroom


The wallpaper design used in this girls bedroom is the Alhambra Wallpaper by Dedar. It can be used on the walls of the living room, dining or any room but in this design it has been used in teenage bedroom. The pattern is simple and inspirational.  When you look at this room the first pink the eye cannot miss is the pink teenage girl bed with its pink and white bedding and a bit of blacks. The dark  study desk on the edge of the bed looks together with the colourful stripy chair compliment each other.

2. Clever use of bright colors on the walls 


This bright lime green bedroom has an excellent preteen bedroom design.  It is perefect for the young gilr who needs their own bedroom and privacy. The bedding used on this girls bedroom are from PB teen . The clever use of bright colors on the walls is soo artful and give a good first impression to this girls room.

3. V-shaped Bed With Unique Corner Headboard

Contemporary-Kids 2

Look at the positioning of this teenage girl bed in this teenage bedroom. It is a unique V-shaped bed design with posh corner style headboard . The simple wall décor goes well with the blue and purple colours on the edges of the bedding.

4. White Wall Paint Colour in Teenage Girl Bedroom

Contemporary-Kids 3

The use of white wall paint around the bedroom and mixing white colour with other bright colours makes the teenage girl look welcoming and likeable. Look at the smart use of pink covered mirrors hanging on both sides of the bed. The black hand made picture wall art above the headboard is brilliant together with the red and white bedding and pillows.  The two beside chest of drawers are amazing with white and purple colours. The table lamps makes sure that lighting is not forgotten to bring brightness in the room.

5. White Patterned Damask Wallpaper in Teen bedroom

Contemporary-Kids 4

White and red color schemes are definitely perfect colour combos when they are creatively used like in this teenage girl bedroom. The bedroom walls are covered in a rich patterned damask wallpaper design. The windows with bright day light suit the white color scheme on the wall.  The tufted divan bed has an amazing tufted headboard that complete the bed frame.  The posh round rug together with the red round tufted chair with white cushions gives this girls bedroom a queen diva appearance.

 6. Dark teal Teenage Bedroom Walls

Contemporary-Kids 5

Lovely dark teal wall paint color together with the white color that is around the windows frames and the fitted cupboard. Everything in this teenage girl bedroom is well coordinated when we take a look at the teal bed cover the white pillows. It is what  mix and match is all about.  Black and white curtains and rug on where the bed is pair each other including the dark grey bench cushion at the end of the bed.

7. Sports Blue Colourful teenage Bedroom Walls 

Contemporary-Kids 6

This bedroom suits the teenager who loves sports . It is more of a boy teenage bedroom than it is for the girl looking at the colors used to decorate the room. The blue, red, white and lime green colour scheme brings this bedroom to life.

8. Small teenage Girl Bedroom with Blue Walls 


This teenage girl bedroom design has light blue wall paint colour , white bed cover and orange pillows. The antique style rug on the floor makes the room look cosy.

9. White teenage Bedroom walls with colourful Flowers


A princes style teenage girl bedroom  with white with flora wall design. The furniture is white and is in good arrangement .  Everything about this room describes what kind of teenage girl would love to be in it, the red carpet kind of girl.

 10. Lime Green Colour fabrics Over Blue Bedroom walls


This kind of room décor would suit a really artistic girl who love bright colors.  Lime green and blue colors are a perfect combination when decorating a room. The teenage bedroom wall color design in this room is blue then comes the use of lime fabrics over blue ones. The study desk furniture is all painted in white . The lime green rug on the floor creates a cosy atmosphere in this room.


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