10 Spacious Modern Indoor Pools For Homes

Nothing says luxury like owning your own indoor pool. People install indoor swimming pools for a variety of reasons, from luxurious pools for a relaxing and spa-like environment, to simple pools for those who put fitness first. With an indoor swimming pool you’re protected against the elements all year round, and you can swim and relax in the privacy of your own home.

The whole family can use and benefit from an indoor swimming pool. Children can use it for play and for swim lessons, and adults can use it for relaxing and exercising. Build your pool close to a living or dining area and you can incorporate your pool into entertaining with pool parties.

Maybe you’re considering installing an indoor pool in your home, or maybe you’re just after an insight into how the other half live. Either way, we’ve stocked up on some of the most lust-worthy and luscious indoor pools to share them with you here:

1. Intimate Lighting

Pool with a personal and intimate feel

If you’d like your pool to have a personal and intimate feel, go for subdued lighting and informal seating.

2. Light And Relaxing

Contemporary indoor pool

White works wonders for opening up rooms and making them feel bigger. It also looks beautiful and chilled out contrasted against the blue of the pool.

3. Grand Pillars

Beautifully lit indoor pool

To add grandeur and luxury to your room, add a couple of white pillars to your room. These can be for decoration only or for structural purposes.

4. Minimal Spa Pool

Spa pool with warm colours

Recreate the beauty and style of your favourite spa with one-off features, no fuss, and lots of clean lines and warm colours.

5. Cosy Pool Area

Brilliant pendant lights illuminate the indoor pool

A narrow ceiling, raw brick walls and swimming pools built right up to the wall can give you a cosy and homely atmosphere.

6. Wooden Ceilings

Captivating indoor pool features a waterfall backdrop

People usually go for tiles in a swimming pool and steer away from wood because of the presence of water and steam. Break the rules and get a jaw dropping ceiling like this, as long as it’s treated and maintained you can’t go wrong, and the outcome is certainly worth the effort!

7. Swimming And Living Area

Custom indoor swimming pool

Love the pool? Add your indoor swimming pool right next to your living room and kitchen for ultimate open plan living.

8. Contrasting Ceiling

Indoor pool with a vast, warm ceiling

Emphasis your pool and enhance the blue by contrasting the coolness against a vast, warm ceiling.

9. Magical Lighting

Indoor swimming pool with magical lighting

If futuristic luxury is your style, go for spotlights all around the room instead of one or two main light fittings. The water diffuses the light and gives the room a sparkly look.

10. Elaborate Luxury

Elegant swimming pool

This elegant swimming pool has no holds barred on the interior design front. If you don’t want to recreate this style in full, take inspiration from the quirky balcony, waterfall, and starry ceiling.

Indoor swimming pools are no doubt a fantastic feature to add to your home. Give yourself the gift of time and reduce the time you spend taking kids to swim practice and yourself to the local pool, by being able to do this in the comfort of your own home.

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