How To Have The Best Outdoor Swimming Pools

Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to have a pool installed at home, so if you are one of those lucky people, then why not go for one of the best? It will surprise you how even the simplest of pools can be sophisticated and yet be used for fun, relaxation and unwinding from an otherwise stressful atmosphere.

Today we are showcasing the best 10 different outdoor Swimming Pools. This is an amazing collection of ideas that could change the way your swimming pool look. you can add your own ideas too if you happen to have an indoor swimming pool at your home with one of our ideas. We hope you like this list of indoor swimming pools we have for you.

1.Thursley Pool

Thursley Indoor Swimming Pool

This is a simple shaped modest sized pool. It makes you feel as if you’re in touch with nature as it overlooks a vast field and is surrounded by bushes. There is a simple wooden platform where you can sit and relax or sunbathe or just enjoy the breeze caressing your face.

2.Bracken moor

Bracken moor indoor swimming pool

This outdoor swimming pool is perfect for early morning laps or throwing a pool party. Whatever purpose it is used for, it is bound to make you happy. There is no doubt that you will be drawn to it just by the sight of the sun kissing the water.

3.Chenies House web

Cheniest house web with an indoor swimming pool

Moderate, simple and stylish is what this pool is. The size of the pool is just the right size for a family enjoying a Sunday evening together. It is accompanied with a sleek and stylish diving board. And there are comfortable lounge chairs for those who don’t want to take a dip.

4.Gate side House With An Indoor Swimming Pool


This is as simple and sophisticated as it can get. If you want a little break away from the nitty-gritty of daily monotonous life, then a dip in this pool is bound to be able to de-stress you. It is equipped with a state of the art filter system. This is as good as it gets.

5.New Indoor Pool With Criss-Crossed Wooden Fence

A new-indoor-pool-with-a-wooden-fence

image source: xlpools

This sweet and simple rectangle-shaped pool is separated from the rest of the world by a simple criss-crossed wooden fence to afford the swimmers with a little privacy. There are chairs and lounges for those who want to relax without getting wet.

6.Lloyd Brunt 2008 Newham1 Indoor Swimming pool


image source: xlpools

There is a very delicate balance between sophistication and relaxation or fun and this pool has just the right elements to strike that balance. Enjoy the immense skies and the caress of the water while you relax in heaven. A table set with an umbrella is a perfect place to do your work without the heat disturbing you.

7.Turquoise Indoor Swimming pool


image source: xlpools

This beautiful turquoise pool just beckons for one to go for an early morning or evening swim. And if one doesn’t fancy a swim, they can spread towels on the smooth wooden platform and enjoy a couple of hours of sunbathing and relaxing.

8.New Pools With A Wooden Fence


image source: xlpools

Who wouldn’t enjoy a swim in the countryside? Kick back and relax in this pool that is protected by a simple wooden fence. You need not worry about people staring. Enjoy an evening protected from the external mundane world.

9.An Indoor Swimming Pool With  A simple Wooden Diving board


image source: xlpools

If you like swimming laps early morning, or swimming just to relax or have fun with friends and family, there is no pool more perfect for that than this. A simple wooden diving board is installed along with it. There are also comfortable chairs for those who choose to just sit and enjoy the view.

10.A Gate side House With An Indoor Swimming Pool


The reflection of the endless sky in this turquoise pool just manages to captivate anyone. Spend time in quiet solitude or with family in this simple yet modern swimming pool. There is no better way to spend your holidays or to entertain a few friends.

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