10 Stylish Modern Pool houses

Modern Pool houses look very classy in a modern house setting and can be turned stylish in any way. You can transform the entire modern pool house in your own way which will continue to inspire you in every way possible. There are some basic designs and some extravagant designs which make the pool look fabulous. The designs of the pools go along with architecture of the houses. Some people prefer to have a separate small stylish building outdoors for a pool house by the pool side like in the pictures below  with relaxing furniture.  Here are some of the stylish modern pool designs which you can take inspiration from and turn it into a whole new zone for yourself.

1.   Modern Pool Sydney, Australia

A lounge in the opposite side of the pool

Two rolling seating arrangement near the pool is very stylish and the blue waters give it an altogether different look to the pool. A lounge in the opposite side of the pool is yet another brilliant feature inside the pool and a big trunk of coconut tree stands near the pool.

2.   Contemporary Pool New York

Contemporary pool house

Contemporary design of the pool is something to relish with clear water on a marbled surface and a green garden area beside it combined with a lounge area which is neat and gorgeous to look at. Dining chairs and table are arranged in one side of the flooring.

3.   Eastern Point Pool Retreat

There are bushes all over the place with the pool in the middle

Lights in and around the place of the swimming pool gives a relinquishing substance to the place and there are bushes all over the place with the pool in the middle and in the corner is a grassy patch for greenery all over the place.

4.   Tarry Town  Pavilon Pool

Modern pool house

A silver box like area with glass all over gives a feel of silver Christmas feel. The look is very oriental keeping in mind with the modern feel of the place. A beautiful trunk of the tree near to the pool shines bright in light and a grassy area near to it looks heavenly.

5.   Modern Pool Bridgehampton, New York

Modern glass pool house

Clear floor and pool with a house built in glass opposite to the pool area gives a superb feel to the entire place. Spick and span feel is very much essential in the surrounding and the house looks more like tree house with the top deck.

6.   Poolside Flat Contemporary Pool

Contemporary pool house

Perfect lounge area for the day time looks extravagant in the place. You can easily snug in your corner and have a wonderful day with pool in the middle. Trees surround the place all over with house and red brick roofs on top.


7.   Inside Pool House

Neat and tidy bathroom

Bathroom for taking shower and changing dress after the dip in the pool makes it look amazing. The bathroom is also neat and tidy and there are no chances of slipping and falling over.

8.   Pool-House Outside Home Office, New York

A painters den acts as a lounge area near the swimming pool

A painters den acts as a lounge area near the swimming pool with all the necessary tools and implements fitted in the area and you can rest as well in the den.

9.   Contemporary Pool, San-Francisco

Rugged stone structure acts as a boundary

Rugged stone structure acts as a boundary surrounding the pool area with crystal clear water all across. Wooden cottage stands tall and wide on the wooden plank.

10.   Modern Pool House With Fireplace, New York

Stylish modern pool house

A fireplace in the lounge area with swimming pool outside the lounge is something different but cosy at the same time. You can snug in and out of the place.



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