10 Amazing Outdoor Swimming Pool Designs

With the summers round the corner, this is the time to step out of your home and relax by the pool. A pool is a great add-on for your home outdoors, which being quite useful, also adds a feel of luxury to any outdoor decor. Think of the number of pool parties you will be able to host with your personal outdoor pool. Now that you have planned to construct an outdoor swimming pool, the following designs will help you to make your final pick.

When it is warm and you have visitors or even kids of your own as family you might want to have some time to cool down in the swimming pool at the comfort of your own home.  The 10 Amazing Outdoor Swimming Pool Designs just gives you an idea of what design you could use when designing your own pool at home.

1.Woodpeckers Falcon Out Door Swimming Pool Design


Quite simple yet much spacious is what this pool is about. Featured in simple rectangular shape the pool has marble borders, and tiles in different shades of white are used for inlay. The mere look of the sparkling blue water is enough to jump into it without any delay.

2.  Falcon Out Door Swimming Pool Design

Thursley_Out door Swimming Pool

Quite uniquely designed this pool is compact and can be featured in a backyard which doesn’t have a lot of space. Framed in marble the pool features blue tiled inlay. An extended deck adds the something extra to the pool design and it is surrounded by green flowers.

3.Falcon 218 Out Door Swimming Pool Design


The pool is designed in a simple rectangular shape and framed in marble. The bottom and sides are framed in light blue tiles, which make the water look even more tempting. Sitting by the lush green lawn, this pool is a must have add on to your backyard this summer.

4.Thursley House web Out Door Swimming Pool Design

Thursley-House_web Out Door Swimming Pool

Along with a regular rectangular shape, this pool also features an arched enclosure on one side, perfect for relaxing and baking in the sun. The pool sits on a bed of sandstone and framed in marble. The inlays are made of blue tiles and the pool is surrounded by green flowers that gives a calm atmosphere.

5.Red Lodge Out Door Swimming Pool Design


Quite decorative in design, this pool features extended protrusions of the deck. It is framed in natural sand stone and is inlayed in blue tile. Four trees, 2 on each side sit by the pool hiking its grandeur.

6.Coombe riding’s Falcon Out Door Swimming Pool Design


The modern pool set up is quite simplistic, in a rectangular shape. It sits in the middle of an all wooden deck and is inlayed in blue tiles. One corner features tiled steps, which ease the process of getting down into the pool.and on the other side of the pool,there are houses with green trees behind them.

7.Arrathorne Out Door Swimming Pool Design


If you looking for a blue pristine beauty installed in your backyard, then this simplistic pool set up is just perfect for you. It is installed on a bed of natural sandstone, and is tiled in various shades of blue. The deck is quite spacious and great for spending time in the sun.

8.Laurel House Falcon Out Door Swimming Pool Design


This pool is quite small, almost the size of a kids pool, and is a great pick if you have children in house. Besides that, the design takes up little space, and is apt for a small backyard. It sits on a wooden deck,surrounded by green grass and a wooden fence.

9.Ickling Falcon Out Door Swimming Pool Design


Quite a classy add-on to your backyard, this pool sits on a deck of white tiles, inlayed in blue and white chequered tiles. It is moderately deep and hence a great for all members of the family.There are two  white flower pots with green flowers in them,one on each side of a swimming pool.

10.Radcliffe House Boars Hill Out Door Swimming Pool Design


This square shaped pool is framed by a bed of concrete and its inlayed using blue tiles in different shades of blue. A perfect add-on for your backyard.Not only that,there is a white table with grey chairs for relaxing while enjoying cooked food after swimming as a family or with friends.

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