10 Stunning Outdoor Kitchens Fireplaces

Kitchens Fireplaces

Outdoor kitchen fireplace looks beautiful and it is necessary during winter season when the air is chilly and you feel like having barbeque. Fireplace also adds a bit of element outside the kitchen. You can even have a party of sort outside where the fireplace is built. Decoration of all sorts can be done easily and there are varieties of designs which you can put in the fireplace. Some of the ideas behind the outdoor kitchen fireplaces are as follows:-

1.  Outdoor Kitchen with stone wall

outdoor kitchen

Stone wall is built across the place in the outhouse where a black colour fire place that looks quite modern with a x sign on it. Rustic chairs and tables are also put all across the place that gives much needed space to the outhouse.

2.   Outdoor Kitchen with white Coloured stone And Decking

outdoor kitchen with coloured white stone

Off white coloured stone like bricks acts as the wall of the outhouse with a silver metallic look of the stove is a contemporary element of the place. The fireplace is built in between the stone walls that acts as a small cave.

3.   Rust coloured wicker sofa

The sofa adds to the charm of the place

Rust coloured wicker sofa all around the place adds to the charm of the place with red colour carpet spread below the sofa. Wooden boards are placed on top and it also stands like a pillar so that you can put a cloth as tent during winter.

4.   Chimney Top Like Stoned Place For Fire

Chimney top like in one corner of the outhouse

Chimney top like stoned place for fire is something new and is put in one corner of the outhouse. A tent like structure is placed and beside it in which you can prepare the food. Low tools are kept and there is a vast expanse of green grass acting as a garden.

5.   Kitchen With Two Fireplaces

Outhouse with neat stone wall

Neat stone wall that is reminiscent of the Persian gulfs is the setting of the outhouse and there are two fire place- one is open and the other is covered with a glass wall. All around is wooden cabinets and place for preparing food. Sun shines on the stone wall.

6.   Fireplace Inside Amidst The Low Stone Walls

tent like wooden structure is built inside

A tent like wooden structure is built inside which the kitchen stands with stoves and everything and there is a fireplace inside amidst the low stone walls that looks as if light is coming out of it rather than fire. It is basically a resort outhouse that gives a fresh look to the place.

7.    Fireplace Made Up Of Black Hard Material

Black hard material for fireplace is set against the corner

Black hard material for fireplace is set against the corner and the place is empty in the middle. Garden can be seen from the wide window and the view is breathtaking with polished tiles and kitchen area.

8.   Wooden Outdoor Kitchen

Vertical stone wall with a fireplace

A vertical stone wall is built on the lower side of it fire place is embedded and the entire place has wooden stands all over that makes the kitchen area of the outhouse come to life.

9.   Big Stone Structure With A Fireplace

Open kitchen with huge space

In the big stone wall is the space for fire in the lower side and outside of which green grasses are found. The space in the open kitchen is huge.

10.   Sleek Stoned Wall With A Fireplace

 sleek stoned wall is placed in one corner

A sleek stoned wall is placed in one corner on which the fireplace is built and also television set on top of the fireplace adds quirkiness to it.

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