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Oriental inspired outdoor furniture design

Oriental inspired furniture for the outdoors can add an air of mystery and exoticness that can give a personality to the porch, terrace or garden where it will be used. A hand painted garden stool can be very attractive as décor for the indoors or outdoors and the versatility of it can be an added feature. Benches and tables that have oriental inspired designs can be conversation pieces as they divert from the usual outdoor furniture of wood and cushions. Oriental furniture are usually designed by using porcelain, ceramic, wrought iron, heavy iron or stones. Their unusual designs could add a dramatic and aesthetic effect to the outdoors. Here are some oriental inspired outdoor furniture designs that are sure to make a statement when used in your homes.

 1. Stylish Rattan Outdoor Stool

rattan seat

Image source: samagallery

This comfortable chair is made from rattan, a resilient vine plant that grows only in the tropics. It is tough and sturdy and can make wonderful pieces of furniture. This rattan chair will be a statement to the garden or terrace.

 2.  Teak two seat bench

asian style bench

Image source: reforestteak

This is a two-seat unpainted wooden bench that has an Asian design. It is a love seat as two people can sit on it comfortably. It is made of teak and the slightly recessed seats can be comfortable to sit on.

 3. Chinese Chippendale Chaise Lounge

chinese style chase lounge

image source: parker sims interiors

The manufacturer calls this the Chinese Chippendale Chaise Lounge. It is beautifully designed and cushions can make this a very comfortable and durable lounge for the garden.

 4. Outdoor swing chair

outdoor swing chair

image source:aliexpress

This swinging chair is made from rattan, a versatile vine plant that can be made into fine pieces of furniture. The unique design coupled with the exotic rattan will be a statement to any garden or patio.

 5. Round stone Patio Table

stone Patio Tables

image source: inspiredstones

This table is taken from a millstone all the way from China and has a strong base made of iron to support its weight. The dated look can be a fantastic addition to the garden or center table in the patio.

6. Teak chinese lattice motif

Teak chinese lattice motif

image source: chinoiseriechic

This Etagere is inspired from Chinese patterns and is made of teak. It looks stately and the pastel color makes it stand out. This would be perfect for outdoors to display small flowers and plants or indoors for decors.

 7. Umbrella Dining Table

extendable table design

image source: Patio Furniture

This is an Asian inspired designed extension table that has two pedestal legs for support. The clever idea is having an umbrella hole that can be an instant canopy when umbrella is spread out and place on it.

 8. Shanghai Dragon Stool

Shanghai Dragon Stool style

Image source: cyan design

The garden won’t be complete without having a Chinese decorative stool that has versatile uses. This ceramic stool has a dragon design and has a glazed finish that makes it glossy and a beautiful decor indoors or outdoors.

 9.  white Garden Stool

 white Garden Stool

image source: garden stools

This white garden stool has an hourglass design and is made of ceramic with white glaze. The plain stark white color would be a statement to any outdoor decor.

10. Porcelain Garden Stool

Porcelain Garden Stool

By: China Furniture And Arts

This porcelain garden stool has a different shape than other Chinese garden stools. It is a modern design but is hand painted and looks fantastic. It is versatile furniture that can be an end table, a center table, a stool, a plant carrier or even a footstool.

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