Bold Colors

Exterior color paint of house ideas

The exterior paint of our homes may make or break the image if the wrong color combination is used. Colors ranging from pale pastels, to darker hues even to bolder ones all work if the combination of neighborhood, design of the house and decoration all come together. Having a brick exterior wall or stonewall could do a lot to help plan for the exterior color as you could base the color to be used on the colors that they have. Be that as it may, whatever exterior color you may choose that could set you on fire; we’ve some tips from designers themselves to help you make the right choice.

 1. Natural Color of Wood

wood house

image: ultradizz

You will never go wrong with the natural color of wood that may be given a coat of varnish to make it look shiny. The grains of the wood give the house a statement and having them all on the walls would make it look fantastic.

 2.  House with Shingle sidings

green walls

If the house is made of different types of material, it would be well to give them the colors that best flatter them. Flat panels usually go for pastel colors while shingles want a brighter hue.

3. Fading Shingles

Fading Shingles


Shingles tend to fade as they age and may not have the dark colors that they had when still new. For fading shingles, a bright color needs to be contrasted to make the house look updated. White is usually the best color to use and very effective in big columns or posts of the house.

 4.  Front Porch Portico

Front Porch Portico

Image source: crisp architects

White will always be the best color to use in exteriors. They make the house shine and designs like the dark colored shutters used in this house made wonderful contrast to the white color.

5. White Exterior Paint Color

all white paint colored house

A white exterior color will fit any type of house whether it is made of wood, cement, panels, shingles or even stones. It is a versatile color that fits right into anything and putting contrast colors can still look good.

6. Gray color of the walls

Bold Colors

image source: rugoraff

Bold colors can be combined to make a statement. The red that was used on the frames of the window contrasted perfectly with the gray color of the walls.

7. Facets of ‘Green

Facets of ‘Green

image source: Build It Green

Your house may be in one of these closely spaced identical houses. The best idea would be to conform rather than detract from the colors that your neighbors use.

8.  Highlighted bold colors

bold colors

image source: stoecker and northway

The design of the house should be considered before having it painted. A period design may look right in highlighted bold colors while a modern house may have pastels with bold trimmings.

 9.  Presidio Heights Residence

white wall paint color

image source: dpcincorporated

This beautiful white house has perfect exterior colors done and it stands out as neat and fantastic. Painting the door black gave it a contrast color that made the house look stunning.

10. Red Brick House

Red Brick House

The red bricks used in this house also had some black colors on it. Painting the door and frames of the window black gave a lovely contrast that made this house look charming.

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