10 Cool DIY Tree Swings Ideas

DIY Tree Swings . We would always want to spend time outdoors to get a good view of nature and breath in fresh air. It is a nice feeling to be able to rest with the blue expansion above us and the sweet breeze touching our hair. But it would be even more fulfilling if we can spend that in a beautiful outdoor space.

A tree swing can be really relaxing and can set the right mood. If you are living in a house with a lot of backyard space or garden with large beautiful trees or a space in your room to hang a swing, you must know how great it can be to just sit and relax. This you can consider as one of the biggest benefits of owning a house. Building a swing on your own can be really fun and interesting. Here are some ideas to help you:

1.   Swinging Bench


The swing is hanging from a Mexican Cantera

It is a swinging bench that you can have in your backyard. It has flagstones under it. The columns from where the swing is hanging is a Mexican Cantera. The column makes the whole look very permanent and balances the intensity and calmness of the place.


2.   Kid’s Playroom

Play room with a swing

A playroom can be fun for the kids and adults. Adding a little swing can really add to the play in the room. You can get a swing installed inside like this one that matches the design and color of your kids room.

3. Kids room with an artificial tree

Unique Indoor swing

It is a very unique concept where an artificial felt tree has been made and a swing has been hung. The whole thing gives you a feel of a woodland life. It’s like an enchanted woodland play space.

4.   Indoor Swing

 indoor swing concept adds to the fancy feel of the room

The indoor swing concept just adds to the fancy feel of the room. It has been hung from a rope cord and has a cheerful orange color that creates a casual feeling to the room. The swing is a handcrafted one that gives you an outdoor feeling in the media room itself.

5.   Swinging Bench Under A Tree House


Tree house with a small roof between the trees

The swinging bench under a tree house that has a small roof between the trees just completes the whole look. The swing just make you feel more connected and closer to nature.


6.   Big Swing Shaped Like A Saucer

Swing with a raw touch

The swing is a big swing that has been shaped like a saucer and has been hung from its center. It is a very different swing that has a raw touch attached to it.

7.   Good Recreational Concept Based Swing

Simple,beautiful swing idea

It is a very good recreational concept based swing. Though it looks very simple, it has a natural beauty that it brings along with it.

8.   Rope Swing

Swing inspired by Tarzan

It is rope swing that unlike the artificial plastic look it has a natural look. It seems to have been inspired by Tarzan and adds to a playful look. The water just complements the swing perfectly.


9.   Old Fashioned Swing

Swing hangs from a rope

The picture is the most traditional one that you most have dreamt of some or the other point of time in your life. If you have an old tree in your backyard or house you must install a similar swing that is old fashioned and hangs from a rope.

10.   Old Skateboard Swing

The wheels add an edgy feel to the swing

A swing can be made from your old skateboard that you no longer use to ride. It will not only serve the purpose of a swing but also give it a unique look. The wheels add an edgy feel to it.



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