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10 Stunning Outdoor Living Room Ideas

Outdoor living room as an alternative to indoor options is growing in popularity with leaps and bounces. Now while doing up an outdoor living room you can let your creative mind wander quite some much, since you have ample space, elements of nature and a lot of ambient light to work with. If you are interested to give you outdoor a facelift with outdoor living room set ups, you can read on for further insight on the same.

If you are planning to have one and you do not know how to get started, allow us to guide you. Today, we will be giving you some tips on how to create an outdoor living room. It could be a little bit similar to designing an indoor living room but there are lots of considerations to take for your outdoor space. Take a look at our tips below.
outdoor living

A perfect way to give you the experience of a beach, this decor lets you sit back and relax in the outdoors. An L shaped grey couch is great for a compact look while the beige and white cushions add a touch of comfort. A uniquely designed side table in the shape of a barrel add a fun look, while the beach umbrella in white is a perfect add on.

outdoor living in garden area

Perfect add on for your home outdoors, this is a perfect set up to sit back and relax with your family and friends. The couch is in grey with throw in cushions. Two side tables have been used in this decor, one is barrel shape and the other in the form of an inverted tumbler. Natural carpeting of grass, brings you close to nature.

out door living

A classy yet comfortable look for your patio, this decor is featured in white and gray. A gray L shaped couch is the focus of the decor with a number of throw in cushions. A centre table with wooden legs add to its elegance, while a hanging lamp made out of organic threads is the perfect accessory.

outdoor living area at balcon

Clean, classic and elegant are the three words perfect to demonstrate this decor. The main element is a couch in milky white hue, while the base is in dark wood. Throw in cushion in different shades and patterns have been used for added glamour. A rustic wooden coffee table is a great centre piece.

outdoor modular seating by the sea side

This outdoor set has been given a beach inspired look, perfectly fit if you live by the beach. The choice of colors in this decor, are blue and white. The couch is L shaped and in milky white, while the cushions are in blue. The centre table is unique and delicate in a baby blue. A string of lights and a beach umbrella add the look of a beach.

outdoor living room

This decor is quite simple featuring a white couch with brown base and green patterned throw cushions. Two side tables one in bamboo and one in marble are a great add on. The beach umbrella in red adds dash of color to the decor.

Outdoor corner Modular Seat

Simplicity at its best this outdoor set up includes a comfortable chair in beige, featuring a dark wooden base. It’s a great option, if you want to sit back and relax by the pool or in your backyard.

outdoor lounging seat  design

Want to curl up by your pool with your favourite book, then this comfortable chair with side and back rest is a perfect peck. Upholstered in grey with a wooden base this chair oozes out comfort. A beige throw in cushion is a great add-on.

living room sofa

A dash of hue has been added to this traditional decor with the orange throw in cushions. The coffee table has an interesting patterned table tip top in white and beige.

outdoor living love seat

A traditional set up in beige and brown is what this decor is. An L shaped couch and a centre table are the main accessories, which sits on a rustic rug in beige.

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