Small home office furniture design

Awesome Ways to Design Small Home Office

The Age of Communication has enable people to work at their pace and surroundings.  People now work at home by just using the internet.  Gone were the days when people just grab a table, chair and set to work.  Nowadays, the workplace needs to be conducive.  Apartment and condominium living has proliferated and lacks space.  That’s where we come in.  We’ve compiled decorative ideas not only to save space but to make the workplace a reflection of owner’s personality. If you are living in a small space then here are some awesome ways to design a small home office in your home to fit the space you have.

If you live in a small space but have largish space under stairs you could turn that space into a functional home office. Home office can be anywhere in the house for example in the kitchen, living room, master bedroom, kids rooms as study area, spare bedroom,basement or a designated home office room.  here are some great ideas in pictures that might be of help to you.

1.   Smart Home Office Under The Stairs

Smart home office for small spaces

Placing a small office by making use of the space under the stairs is a great space saver.  Shelves could be placed either way, up or down for files and documents.  2.   Bedroom With Smart Home Office Bedroom with smart home office design The bedroom is a great area to have a small office space.  Convenience plays a great part in this. Private documents could be stored in cabinets or shelves without the fear of losing it.

Wonderful home office design

3.   Wonderful Home Office  The attic, with its sky windows to give natural lighting is an innovative idea for home office. Privacy could also be achieved as this is out of the way. 4.   Kitchen With Home Office kitchen with home office design A portion of the kitchen, with its numerous cabinets could be used for a home office. This is a great idea for a busy housewife who needs office space to balance her checkbook, check children’s appointments or even just to go over tomorrow’s menu. 5.   Small Office Near A Home Window Small office design You can never go wrong by placing a small office near a home’s window for the natural lighting that it can give. High windows would make the workplace airy and spacious.  Using the right curtains could add color and beauty. 6.   Small Office With Colorful Posters Small office design Walls of a house are great settings for a small home office.  Colorful posters could be placed on it to give it an atmosphere. Rugs could also be placed on the floor to make it more attractive.

7.   Office With Stairs Placed With Sofa Alignment

Home office for small spaces

Dividing much needed space from living room to small home office is a new and practical idea. The office was elevated from the living area but overall effect was seamless. Steps were placed just to make it align with sofa height in living room.  Very new, very innovative.

8.   Small Home Office With Cherry Furniture

Small home office furniture design

Making use of the right furniture could do wonders for a small home office.  Picture shows how the furniture was designed to include shelves to store files and documents.  The wooden furniture made of cherry look sturdy and attractive. 9.   Antique Office Table

Small home office with antique office table

The antique office table has not gone out of style.  On the contrary, vintage is in and this antique table is one very good example.  Table has cubbyholes where bills, receipts and checkbooks could be placed.  A simple chair could be paired with it to heighten the attractiveness of the antique table.

10.  Office with colourful Office furniture

Office with colourful office furniture design An office with colourful furniture could add brightness and cheerful mood in your workplace as well as home office .  Colorful furniture makes the office took smart and unique.

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