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Stylish office storage cupboards

Having a home office has become a way of life for most of us. Working at home has been trending and spaces have to be created to have the home office properly installed in. It has become another room in the house that needs its own design to make it comfortable to work in. It also needs to have ample storage spaces for the files and documents and other things that an office needs to store away. Clever designs and ideas have been made to make this possible and storage spaces were also included in. We’ve some design ideas for the office storage cupboards that are done stylishly.

 1.   Closet Office

Closet Office

image source: cathyphillips

Closets are great ideas for home office and this home office is no exception. The sliding doors can close the office when not in use. The built in shelves on top of the table give storage and the tall cabinets flanking the office are ample storage spaces.

 2. Corner office

Corner office

image source: transformhome

A corner was cleverly used for an office and the cabinets and open shelves surrounding it give ample storage spaces for office files and documents. The open shelves give space for books and decors.

 3.  Home Office Built-in Desk

Office Built-in Desk

image source: bruncon

This is a free standing big cabinet that is now used as a home office. The compartmentalized open shelves give ample storage spaces for decors and files.

4.  Doors mounted with custom hardware

custom home office

image source: content architecture

This home office is fabulous. The storage spaces surround it from top to bottom. Small drawers below the table are another storage space. This is a closet converted to office but the doors used are sliding doors with mirrors.

5. Creative Workspace

home office

A wall in the house was opened to house the home office. The open shelves on top of the table give storage space. A small wooden cabinet on top of the table can store small things like paper clips and pens. The floating drawers flanking the chair are additional storage spaces.

 6.  Desktop Underneath Stairs

home office ideas

This is a home office that was built in the basement. The cabinets and the drawers built on the entire wall of the office give ample storage spaces. Additional storage space was built on the base of the stairs that took up an entire wall and made this area look neat and fantastic.

 7.  Office In A Cupboard

Office In A Cupboard

image source: kwestimages

The home office that was designed in the upper stairs’ landing is a great space saving design. The grey colored cabinets with a white colored open shelf at the middle give ample storage space for this office.

 8.  Modern Office Interior Design

Office Interior Design

image source: kimberlydemmydesign

A long and narrow entryway was made into a home office. The cabinets with opaque glass cover lining the entire wall offer ample storage space.

 9. Floating Shelf

 Floating Shelf

The white cabinets on top of the office’s table gives storage space for files and documents. The unpainted wood block became a great floating shelf and gave storage space for decors and books.

10.  Glass lit shelves with storage up to ceiling

storage up to ceiling

image source: lakecountrybuilders

Glass and wood cabinets surround this home office and gave ample space for storage. The transparent glass and wood open and compartmentalized shelves gave additional storage space.

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