10 Stunning Customised Office Furniture Ideas

Are you planning to setup your office at home and looking for right furnishing ideas? Well, when it comes to home-based offices, there are custom office furniture options that are specifically meant for the home offices. You will be able to choose from a wide range of styles and options. The office furniture designs below are all essential for the office set up be at home office or a professional office at a workplace.  The use of home offices is becoming much and much popular in today’s world. Home office tend to be much more personalised and well decorated to suit our standards and what makes us happy than the at work office can be at times.  The offices below use shelving, office desks , office tables, office storage units, personalised wall art and décor including décor ornaments that you would otherwise not find at a commercial office .  Hope you like our collection of  some of the good ideas on customised office furniture designs.

1. Small streamlined home office


This is an excellent setting if you have planned small streamlined home office. The long wooden multi-drawer table is both classy and functional. The white cushioned wooden chairs for an able match-up. The wooden long shelves on the walls assure smart storage for your office files.

2.  Home office with Two Sizeable Cupboards on the wall


This is a smart custom-office setup where one long table does almost everything with its multiple racks and drawers. It not only houses 2 computer setups but also offers space for the necessary tools like printer and scanner. The two sizeable cupboards on the wall guarantee considerable storage.

3. Home Office With The Huge Wall To Floor Table


The huge wall to floor table does the trick with its big divide and functional setup and the very classy outlook. The table top would be your central operational area while the multiple shelves and drawers will ensure sizeable storage. The glass doors add on the style quotient.


4. Drawer Storage And Wall Cupboards And Book Shelving


This setting would be apt if you are worried about small space in your office. The bent working table fits well in the constricted space and its multiple drawers as well as the wall mounted cupboards & racks,work for easy storage solutions.

5. White Wooden Home Office With Three Work Tables

White-wooden-home-office -with-three-working-tables

If you can afford a spacious chamber for your home office, this setting will surely impress you. You have 3 tables here with the center one as the main operation table where you will set and receive visitors on the other end. The collage of paintings below the big airy windows creates a classy ambience.

6. Blue Home Office With Wooden Tables,Cupboards And Shelving


Nothing spells “chic” more than a fine glass table which has ably created a trendy office ambience in this setting. The wooden tables, cupboards and racks assure good storage solutions for the office files, documents and various interesting art accessories.

7. Wooden Table with Drawers Cupboards And Shelving

White-constricted-office-space-with-bent-wooden-table-mult-drawers-cupboards-and-racks The bent wooden table is a perfect fit when you have a constricted office space. The multiple drawers, cupboards and racks altogether have assured hassle-free storage even in that small space. You will love the soothing ambience thanks to the use of white.

8. Pinup board and the huge cupboards



This setting is ideal if you have a long rectangular office space. The space has been smartly utilized with a bent elongated table. The wall has been rightly decorated as the pinup board and the huge cupboards on the opposite side of the table assure solid storage solutions.

9. Rich dark hardwood furnishing


This is one cozy plush office setup with the rich dark hardwood furnishing that has been ably complemented by marble tabletop. The leather executive chair looks really comfortable and so the big sofas.

10. Cream White Family Room With An Office On The Other Side

Cream-white-family-room-with-an-office-on-the-other-side The setting evokes a nice contemporary feel with its minimal yet tasteful decor. You will love the sleek wooden chair and the fine glass table. The sofas look comfortable and the armoire below the huge screen speaks class to the T.


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