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Modern home office desk designs

Modern home office desk design have become the trend nowadays for the practical and aesthetic quality that they have come up with. The furniture are of good quality, long lasting, good looking and best of all, affordable. Working at home has also become the trend and therefore, calls for cool office desk designs that would not only serve their purpose but look stylish too. The modern home office desks have come up with some of the newest, practical, and tough designs guaranteed to last for a long time and at the same time would make the home office look fabulous.

Check out the modern home desk designs that we have for you and judge by yourself.

1. Cool Contemporary Scandinavian Home Workspace


This office table is a great design especially for one who is engaged in making blueprints or drawings. The table is adjustable and could accommodate high and low positions as needed.


2. Scandinavian Style Font Computer

Scandinavian Style Font Computer

This wooden desk is a lovely design and looks compact too. Its two tier design gives storage for office essentials at the upper part and lower part has ample space for a desktop and books. This design would look great in any home interior.

3. Frame storage white Office desk

 white Office desk

This white wooden desk is a gorgeous design with ample storage spaces built below it. The white cabinet built adjacent to it gives additional storage space and fits any home interior decor and color.

4. Black wood office desk

black wood modern office desk

This long black wood office desk looks fantastic. The plain wood cabinet built in the middle not only gives storage space but created a division that could accommodate two office chairs.

5. White wood Office  desk

white office desk design


This white wood desk looks fabulous for its period piece design. It looks chic and stylish and could fit beautifully into any home interior color and decor.

6. Awesome Corner White Desk

Awesome Corner White Desk

This corner white desk looks awesome. The design is not only practical and space saving with its numerous cabinets but would look great in any home interior. This is the ideal home office furniture where everything could be stored.

7. Scandinavian Minimalist Style Font Laptop

Scandinavian Minimalist Style Font Laptop

A laptop could be brought anywhere and the desk that is designed for it has the same feature. This white laptop desk could be dragged anywhere in the house and would look great in any setting.

8. IKEA Office Desk Furniture with Glass

ikea office desk furniture design

Using glass for an office desk is a great design and would look great with any home interior. The black colored glass with its modern designed desk would be a wonderful addition to any home design.

9. Daleo Casa Scandinavian Designs

Daleo Casa Scandinavian designs

This white office desk is a beautiful design with combination of white paint and varnished wood. The cabinet design below the table is a lovely design for much needed storage space. The pull out small cabinet in the middle is great for storing important documents like passports and money as it could be locked.

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