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Offices with Mid Century Office Chair Designs

Mid-Century office Chairs

Influenced by the mid 20th century Brazilian and Scandinavian clean-cut architecture, design at this time was characterised by simplicity and inspiration drawn from nature. The style encouraged the opening up of spaces, what we now term ‘open plan’, and the concept of ‘bringing the outdoors in’. This fresh, bright and simplistic style has definitely made a strong come back in all aspects of design as of late including architecture, interiors and fashion, and it lends itself exceptionally well to office spaces. We’re going to take a look at how a quirky Mid Century chair can add that important touch of comfort and style to  an office.

1.   Wingback Chairs For Office

modern office space

This modern space encompasses natural wood flooring, muted tone paint and an abundance of natural light as a base for its bold furniture. The glass topped table is understated yet a strong feature in the room, keeping the look sleek and clean-cut. Here the Mid-Century chair plays an essential part in adding a feeling of comfort as well as the softer dimension of a patterned textile needed to keep this room in balance.

2.  Mid Century  Chairs

mid century office chairs

All three of these chairs would be great in an office environment. The bucket shaped rocking chair is elegantly stylish and the shape gives a good level of comfort for long sitting periods. If you don’t fancy rocking while you work it would also be a great piece for the other side of the desk where clients or guests can sit comfortably during a meeting or chat. The other two are possibly a little low as a desk chair but great choices for comfortable researching, reading or a well-needed tea break.

Home office with Spinny Chairs

3. White And brown home office

White And brown home office

4. Brown Wood Furniture And Floor

brown wood office furniture

If you can’t bear to part with your standard ‘spinny chair’ as I tend to call it, this cream/white leather one is a more stylish option than your standard grey fabric version, with the same ‘spinny’ functionality. The combination of leather and stainless steel gives a super chic office feel, and will be all soft and comfortable to sit on.

5. Green Fabric Bucket Chair 

green bucket office chair

This green fabric bucket chair is perfect for creating a relaxed environment for a patient/client/guest, de-formalising the office environment into something more approachable and a place to relax rather than feeling too stiff. The padded chair behind the desk is the perfect comfortable working desk chair and blends in with the general tones of the room seamlessly.

6. Green office Chair

green fabric office chair

Green is known to be the colour of calm and relaxation, definitely the vibe we get from this homely office design. The green tones are complimented by the soft lighting and neutral wall colour perfectly and the chair’s padding gives an immediate feeling of comfortability. Plus who doesn’t love a foot stool?

7.   Leather And Wooden Mid Century Office Chair

leather office chair

This office space is characterised by the immense scenery and flood of light let through its vast windows, set off with this sleek Scandanavian style furniture. The leather and wooden combo again gives a high class and masculine feel whilst also providing incredible comfort.

8.  Mid-Century design 

Mid-Century design

This room reflects the typical Mid-Century design by encompassing lots of light and giving that feeling of bringing the outdoors in. The natural materials used such as wood and glass add to its naturalistic essence and these simple desk chairs add a touch of solidity to the overall crisp effect.

9.  Simple yellow office chair

Simple yellow office chair

This bachelor style attic uses clean lines, neutral colours, spotlights and sleek and comfortable seating to create a professional yet comfortable environment.

10.  Great Mid Century Pieces of Furniture 

brown Pieces of office Furniture

This room uses great pieces of furniture as its primary focus, keeping the rest of the decor clean, neutral and to a minimum. The classic simplicity of its design, combined with the use of completely natural materials is what gives it that chic, modernistic feel.

As we have seen, typically considered a fairly mundane room, with the right design an office can in fact be a chic, fresh space where you can embrace a clear mind for working as well as enjoy spending time in. Light is very important, both practically to be able to see what you’re doing, and also in order to create that vibrant feel that encourages pro-activity. Whilst we need an office to have a certain sense of professionalism to keep us in the working frame of mind, we also need to be comfortable being there for long periods of time. A comfortable and functional chair for your personal needs is essential for this, and of course we also want it to be as stylish as the rest of the space created. Mid-Century modern chairs have become a popular choice, since they encompass both comfort and style, reflecting the desired ‘modern vibe’ for an office, as well as having that sculpted form for comfortability, making them the perfect all-rounder.


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