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Chic and Stylish Home Office Decors

In a home there are so many ways you can design a home office with chic and Stylish Home Office Decor  . Home offices can be easy to decorate depending on where it is located in the house for example an office in the living room,kitchen ,dining and bedroom.  This is because you can make use of the other furniture and room decorations that are already in those rooms.  Creating a separate room for an office in your home can be equally exciting as you can customise it to you liking to form a chic and stylish home office.

Before the advent of modern technology, home offices consisted of a table and chair, placed in a far corner of a room and used for household budget, bills pay and check balancing. Nowadays more and more people work at home and the home office has evolved from a simple table and chair to designer status. Setting up a home office would still be according to taste and budget and here are a few ideas to how to make it chic and stylish and make you feel good while working.

  1.  Red brick wall

home office

Bricks are tough and versatile and great to use for designs. The red brick wall used in this home office proves the point. The shelves built on the brick wall gave much space for storage and the use of a red countertop to match the wall is wonderful.

  1. Blue Countertop

 office Shelves on the walls

The blue countertop used on this home office that was extended to become a seat window is a fantastic design. Shelves on the walls and under the countertop give a lot of room for storage. The brown shiny wood floors blended seamlessly with splashes of blue.

  1. Small Under stairs Home office

understair home office

Home office needs to be also a fun place to work in as this picture shows. The space under the stairs was cleverly used as home office and the mix of bright colors made this home office lively and fun.

  1. Brown Wood Office Furniture

brown office furniture

The white interior of the house blended well with the brown wood cabinets of this home office. The home office cleverly used the space under the stairs and the window letting in natural light. A lone plant at the window sill is a nice touch.

  1. Period Office Furniture pieces

brown office desk and white office chair

Period pieces are great designer tools and this heavy desk is no exception. The cubbyholes this desk has could hold bills, receipts, checkbooks among other things and still look fabulous. The plant in a tin bucket is a nice touch.

  1. office with Floor to ceiling glass windows

home office with windows

The floor to ceiling glass window not only gave natural lighting but perfectly fit this home office. The brown interior and furniture contrasted fantastically with the transparent glass walls and green tree background.

  1. Home office with Dark wood Bookcases

home office with books

This home office large space to work around with. It has the desk in the window and then a round table, book cases fixed near windows with a lot of storage spaces and a round table with four chair dining table.  The dark wood furniture gives this office a warm and clean feel.

8. Vintage office furniture

 home office gives off a refined air

This home office gives off a refined air because of the period chairs that is used and the dark color of the wood cabinets. The woven baskets hanged on the walls to serve as storage is a nice touch.

9.  Home Office in Bedroom with Sofa type bed

chaise bed

Bedrooms are great places to have a home office. As shown, this was made to good use and the use of wood boards to serve as a long countertop served a dual purpose, as table and as extra shelf for display or to place a lamp.

10.  Large red area rug

Stylish Home Office Decors

This home office used the space found at the side of the stairs and looked stylish because of the large red area rug that was used. The use of dark wood furniture in unique designs is fabulous.


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