Elegant Home Libraries

Charming and organized home library

Charming and organized home library for you! Having a home library is wonderful as the love of books increases knowledge. The problem would be space storage for the books that you have bought. More often than not, we discover to our dismay that the books that we have so painstakingly chosen for reading are scattered here and there and looks messy and untidy. We need to have it neat and organized for there are times that we want to read our favorite books over and over again. A home library need not be a room by itself. It can just be some clever design of shelves that would be easy to reach and keep clean.

Here are a few suggestions for you to have a charming and organized home library.

1. Lovely Library Shelves

Lovely Library Shelves

The floor to ceiling open shelves made a lovely library for this bedroom. The image that you can be is neat and uncluttered and made the bedroom look fantastic.

2. Wall Built in Bookshelves

Wall Built in Bookshelves

A side of the stairs was taken off and open shelves built on it to make this wonderful home library. The blue chandelier is a great design and gives light to the reader. The black leather chair with the brown foot stool is a nice accent.

3. Attic Libraries Ideas

Attic Libraries Ideas

A part of this big attic space was beautifully designed for a home library. The floor to ceiling open shelves following the contour of the roof made this look like a house of books.

4. Contemporary Home Libraries

Contemporary Home Libraries

The floor to ceiling open shelves surrounding the fireplace is a fantastic design of a home library. It gave the living room a warm and cozy image.

5. Interior Decorative Design

Interior Decorative Design

The open shelves placed on the walls of this living room are a lovely design for a home library. The curtains placed on it to hide it or to open it are a wonderful idea and made this living room fabulous.

6. Open Shelves Concept

Open Shelves Concept

The open shelves surrounding the whole walls extending to a cabinet with open shelves made this a wonderful home library and home office at the same time. The open shelf cabinet serves as divider as well and made this home office look charming.

7. Elegant Home Libraries

Elegant Home Libraries

Home libraries can be made to look elegant and glamorous too as what is shown here. The mixed colored home library looks elegant in this living room that has a white and green love seat ,wing back chair and standing up light by the window side. The fireplace is the focal point of this living home library as the two large black wood bookshelves on each side of the fireplace.

8. Open Shelves Flanking

Open Shelves Flanking

The home library on the open shelves flanking the bed in this bedroom made a lovely picture. It is also the focal point of the bedroom.

9. Loft Home Library

Loft Home Library

A loft home library is a great design that could keep small spaces neat and compact. The stairs leading to the loft library is a fantastic design.

10. Staircase Bookshelves Concept

Staircase Bookshelves Concept

The home library placed on the open shelves using the base of the stairs not only saved space, it also looks amazing. It also boosted up the image of the hallway and made it look fantastic.

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