10 Basement Home Office Ideas

Basement rooms make popular home office spaces. They’re a part of the home set up, not far away from the kitchen and living areas, but quite contained in themselves that they can be perceived as a separate part of the home where you won’t be disturbed. They’re especially handy in open plan homes, as they can close you off from your home life for a few hours each day without being pulled into housework or family drama, but keep you close enough to your nearest and dearest during the day when you need them.

If you already work from home or you’re looking to make a move from the office block to be closer to your family and get rid of that dreaded commute, take a look at these images of cool basement home offices for the ultimate style inspiration:

1. Traditional Home Office

Basement home office

The beauty of a basement home office is that it’s yours and yours alone – you are free to design however you would like without worrying about the overall theme of your home. This classic home office is peaceful and tranquil, perfect for working hard.

2. White Contemporary Office

Home office with lots of bare lighting

Basements are usually lacking in light and inspiration. Tackle that with lots of bare lighting, white colours and modern contemporary accents

3. Narrow Home Office

Home office with bigger windows

Dispel the feeling of a home office with bigger windows and a large desk that reaches across your entire room. This is also practical for working on larger printed projects.

4. Compact Basement Office

Small home office

Use your basement for a few functions, and create a small home office space under your basement stairs, using the rest of the room for living and dining space.

5. Masculine ‘Snug’

Home office with trendy furniture

Make your office a bit of an escape by adding comfy seating, trendy furniture and lots of space for relaxing and thinking.

6. Larger Basement Office

Home office

If you have a larger basement, be clever with space and create a positive environment that you can work from and invite clients along for meetings.

7. Multifunctional Home Office

Home office with dining area

If you spend a lot of time working from home, make sure its comfortable and has everything you need. Don’t forget a TV for presentations, dining area and coffee machine. It’s an office away from the office!

8. Miniature Home Office

Minimal style home office

If all you need is a desk and a chair, you can’t go wrong with this minimal style home office tucked neatly away.

9. Home Office Studio

Home office with compact storage

Add compact storage and clever use of space to give you lots of room for working. Run your office from home by adding space for two.

10. Vintage Style Office

Home office design

If you work more with paper than technology, go for a traditional and charming style that meets your personality.

Your home office needs to be a reflection of your own style and a place that inspires you and motivates you. The key to creating a space you can work in is to fit it around your own lifestyle and personality.

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