10 Unique Journals And Diaries Ideas

Keeping a diary benefits us for all sorts of reasons. It helps us to arrange our thoughts, reflect on our actions so we can grow, gives us a creative output, or lets us look back on our thoughts and feelings from the past.

It’s an entirely personal thing, to own and keep a diary or journal, and so it’s important that we love our diaries and their style reflects us and our style. There are so many different styles of diary and journal on shelves today, from year planners to one line per day journals. And although they are competing against smartphone apps and digital diaries, we believe that there is nothing as personal and charming as a private handwritten journal.

We’ve found ten notonthehighstreet  wonderful diaries where you can lock away your thoughts. They’re so pretty they’ll make you want to pick up that pen and write in the most difficult of times:

1. Question And Answer Diary

Five year journal a question a day

This thought provoking diary gets us to dig deeper into our thoughts by asking a question each day for five years. It also gives us daily reflection, as we compare each day’s entry to the date exactly one year ago.

2. Charming Fabric Covered Diary

Colored fabric covered journal

Go for a brighter style with a fabric covered journal in a colour and pattern that you love. You can even create your own with your own choice of fabric to make is one hundred percent personal.

3. Themed Secret Diary

Vintage book secret diary
Some diaries carry a theme to remind us of our favourite books, and serve as inspiration to get us writing everyday.

4. Beautiful One Line A Day Diary

One line a day five year diary
Reflect on your actions, and relive your memories and with this five year memory book. You only need to add a line at a time, so it’s ideal for time pressed people who want to make a quick scribble at the end of each day.

5. Inspirational Diary

Quote laden diary
This quote laden diary is perfect for word lovers and fans of Sylvia Plath. It inspires us not only to write, but to write well and enjoy it.

6. Leather Bound Journal

Luxury diary
This luxury diary will have the rest of the writers in your local coffee shop green with envy. It’s beautiful patterns, genuine leather scent and locking feature are our favourite features.

7. Gold And White Diary

Gorgeous gold and grey diaries
Almost like a thicker exercise book or notepad, these gorgeous gold and white diaries don’t limit your writing in any way so you’re free to be creative as you like with these ones. Perfect if you like to break the rules or write and draw.

8. Leather Five Year Diary

Wonderful five year diary
Another wonderful five year diary, something that you can fall in love with and don’t have to worry about replacing every 12 months. The lock is an added bonus, and means that we can write without restraint.

9. Traditional Personal Diary

Pink leather diary
This pink leather diary is perfect as a first personal diary for daily entries. No fuss, a beautiful cover and a lock for total privacy, we think it’s great for teenage girls looking for somewhere to arrange their thoughts.

10. Modern One Line A Day Diary

One line a day kids three year diary
Another one line a day diary, these are growing in popularity because of the small amount of time it takes to complete an entry. These are great if you’re new to keeping a journal and looking to create the habit of taking time out of your day to write down your thoughts.

There’s no right or wrong way to keep a diary, as long as it’s personal to us and we receive some benefit. We’re about to trade in our scruffy noteboooks for a fancy diary like one of these above.

Specialising in home interiors, sports and technical writing, I love the English language and how the written word can be used to achieve business goals, to raise profiles and awareness, for education, or even just for the sheer enjoyment of reading.


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