10 Space Saver Hideaway Desk Styles

 Hideaway desks are a bliss for the contemporary small apartments where space is quite a concern. Quite literally, hideaway desks are those that “hide away” from public view while not in use. Basically, these are fordable tables usually attached to the walls- as you sit to study, you can bring out the table top that serves as a desk top standing over a rest. After you are done with your study, you can fold the table top back to the wall, thereby causing no disturbance to the floor space. Hideaway desks are available in a variety of styles. Some of the hideaway desks even come up with hideaway cupboards. There are different ways in which you can arrange the hideaway desk styles.

Are you too planning hideaway desks for your home lately? Well, here are some cues on great hideaway desk styles for you.

1.   Foldable White Desk

Grey vertical cupboard like opening

A cupboard like opening that is vertical but of grey colour that is matte looks refreshing. When you open the door a white desk which can be folded opens up. There are two shelves on the top of the cupboard area.

2.   White Book Shelf With Shelves

Box like structure is placed

A book shelf in all white colours with shelves is placed whereby you can put stacks of books in the shelves. Box like structure is placed and you can pull the desk out. A green colour matte finish single vertical desk is placed on the wooden flooring where the door of the shelf can be put.

3.   Red Fold Down Desk

White chair is placed beside the red shelf

Red colour table along with shelf acts as a mini book shelf and when you open it you can even use it as a book table. White chair is placed beside the red shelf. On top of the shelf of white colour are placed and green bottles are put and the wall paper looks beautiful.

4.   Wooden Table With Three Wide Drawers

There is an open window beside the wooden drawer

Wooden table with three wide drawers and black knob like handle looks royalty and it is fixed with steel rod which can be opened. There is an open window beside the wooden drawer.

5.   Wooden Desk Placed In The Corner

Two white shelves are placed on top of the desk

A wooden desk is placed in the corner where little space is left and above it two shelves are placed of white colour. The walls are of dented white structures and before that the structure of the wall is broad and in the lower side camp fire is placed.

6.   Small Pull Out Desk

Wooden desk is jutted in the wall

The desk is jutted in the wall and wooden structure is what it is made up of. On the other half a tin structure of grey colour is placed which opens up into a full writing section, then it opens into a less half structure where you can put things inside.

7.   Wide Wooden Desk

Wooden desk enlarges the place

Stone brick wall that is rugged looks resplendent. Box like shelves are placed on the wall that have tiny opening but can store up hosts of things. Wooden desk that is wide enlarges the place.

8.   White Wooden Desk

Enlarged white wooden desk

White wooden desk that is enlarged looks fresh and the wall has vertical design and the lower side has layers of white colour. The chair has plastic finish.

9.   White Folding Desk

Two tools of black colour side by side

Two tools of black colour side by side with a board facing one of the tool and other a white curved box like frame with books placed inside looks beautiful.

10.   White Big Desk

Foldable office desk table

A white big desk comes down almost immediately when you pull it down from the wall which has a handle. It acts as a wall and as well as a table.

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