10 Office Bed Ideas For Your Home Office

Having an office in your bedroom is becoming popular in the modern world with jobs getting busier at time . More especially if you are in a leadership positions where workloads seem to be impossible to finish in a normal 8 hours work day.  Some people still wish to carry on working at home to finish what they started and to do that some sort of an office area is needed in the comfort of your own home. That is where home offices come in, but imagine having your office in your bedroom where all you have to do if working at night is do your work and then easily slide into you bed with less hassle.

Office bed ideas are a great fun to achieve just that if you have not done so already.  Combining work with pleasure is the essence behind all the designs. The bed can be put up at the home office and at the proper office. Unique and interesting ideas are put together which gives enormous comfort.


1.Contemporary Bedroom With An Office Bed Idea On A Higher Podium
The bed is on a higher podium along a wooden platform with white drawers made in the lower side. There is wooden staircase to climb up the bed. In fact the side column is made of dark colour wood with shelves arranged for keeping books.

2.Traditional Home Office With An Office Wooden Bed Idea

All wooden structure and a combination of wooden bed, flooring and desk with cupboard too. It is a bedroom cum office with a bed for two people and writing desk with desktop.

3.White And Dark Wooden Modern Home Office With An Office Wooden Bed Idea
A wooden table top shelf with one at the medium level height and one at the top level for keeping show piece, books and desktop is placed along with the bed. A side curved portion of the table gives enough space to do extra work. The flooring is of grained particles.

4.Traditional Home Office With A Wooden Encasement And Office Bed Idea
Traditional-home-office-with-a -wooden-encasement-and-office-bed-idea
A rack full of books in a wooden encasement gives a library look to the office with wooden flooring. The room is well lit up with bright light as well as sunshine from the outside.

5.Modern Home Office With An Office Bed Idea


Modern look room of big bed with side sitting arrangement near the windows and shelves combined with planks of the wooden panel is placed in rows where show piece and books are kept. In the upper panel of the walls too there is enough space for keeping things.

6.Green,Wooden Contemporary Home Office With A Low Office Wooden Bed Idea
Low wooden bed with wooden cabinets at the top with wooden flooring and lots of green colour tins are placed on top with three to two cabinet shelves on top where small cars and bushes are kept.

7.Eclectic Home Office With Two Foldable Office Beds Idea

Two office bed which can be folded and is placed as a wall hanging panel which looks like a divan. In the side panel lots of showpieces and books are stacked up with wicker basket kept on top. It occupies much of the space but when placed up then there is ample space in the area.

8.White Wooden Contemporary Home Office With An Office Bed Idea

Another place of resting and working in a given place with bed and rack full of books and side table of wooden top and rotating chair is placed where you can work. A modern painting is placed on top of the shelf.

9.Modern Home Office With A Pillar Like Polished Wooden Frame
A pillar like polished wooden frame with books stacked up in the side shelf and two square size sofas of grey velvet material and a vintage table is placed along with a wicker chair.

10.White Wooden Modern Home Office With A Shelf Like Standing Office Bed Idea
A shelf like standing bed with shelves and desk with window facing area and foldable curtains are placed overlooking the area downstairs. Wooden flooring with wooden and wooden cabinets with drawing along with white polished cupboards on top is custom made.
The design is exquisite with contemporary look.

I am a professional interior designer who loves to craft his professional experience in blogs.


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